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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26 at 1:49 p.m.
Thread: Pinto
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wildwinswhen</b></div><div>Jarventie is a nice player, but we have ALOT of left handed LWs. He won't be the guy if we're taking a prospect.

If the fans think Pinto is Bergeron, there's no way we're getting him. Which is too bad. We really need a RH center or defenseman.

What about Kastelic or Bernard-Docker?</div></div>

1- Sanderson
2- Pinto
3- Greig
4- JBD
5- Sogaard
6- Jarventie
7- Thomson
8- Sokolov
9- Kleven
10- Boucher

Kastelic is more like 15th-18th best prospect, he was a potential bottom-6 forward, not more

Pinto could be a perennial Selke candidate and JBD "should" be a Top-4 defensive D-man. These 3 guys are in very different tiers.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wildwinswhen</b></div><div>Sounds like Kastelic is a tweener. Can score 14 goals in the AHL, but not good enough to be an NHLer.</div></div>

Kastelic has shown he can play in the NHL and actually be impactful. However, I don't see him be more than a 4th line Center. But you still need these guys. I think a comparable for him is Nate Thompson. Great on faceoffs, good defensively, can even provide a bit of offense

Look at some analysis I did on him a while ago :

<em>Small sample size (16 GP with 9:11 average) but look at this, among skaters who played at least 15 games :

Hits/60 : Kastelic is 5th behind Michael Pezzetta, Ryan Reaves, Liam O'Brien and Reese Johnson

BkS/60 (forwards only) : Kastelic is 8th behind Austin Watson, Nick Bonino, Carter Rowney, Brett Howden, Tyler Motte, Alexei Toropchenko and Parker Kelly

TkA/60 : Kastelic is 3rd behind Mark Stone and Logan Shaw</em>
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26 at 4:24 p.m.
Thread: Pinto
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensibleguy</b></div><div>Fiala’s goals are pretty steady
23G in 64 games, 0.36 goals per game
20G in 50 games, 0.40 goals per game
33G in 82 games, 0.40 goals per game

I’m not going to break down PP versus 5v5 goals

Boldy, that rookie, made his NHL debut on Jan 6th

Fiala’s splits before and after Jan 6th
31 games, 7G, 14A, 21 pts, 0.68 PPG
51 games, 26G, 38A, 64 pts, 1.25 PPG

Gaudreau’s splits before and after Jan 6th
25 games, 2G, 8A, 10 pts, 0.40 PPG
51 games, 12G, 22A, 34 pts, 0.67 PPG

Boldy is going to be good, and he’s the reason for Fiala’s uptick in assists.

MIN had a good team before Boldy arrived, so it’s difficult to say Fiala will have the same success as he did with Boldy, and even with Boldy, Fiala’s numbers could return to their previous levels, hard to say. I see this as Fiala’s career year, and on a contract year that’s good for him. New team, new line mates, new system, we’ll see how he fairs, but I’m not worried about his goals, they will come.</div></div>

1) Fiala has always been a second-half type of player. It's where he's gotten the bulk of his production for his entire career.

I doubt that'll change wherever he goes. Bottom line, he comes out slow.

2) His assists go up when he has linemates of worth capable of playing at or near his level.

IE... top-six talent.

If they're not capable of finishing, why pass the puck? Better to do it himself at that point. Both Boldy and to that extent Stutzle are more than capable finishers. If they're on his line he'd be more inclined to pass the puck.

His assists won't go down if playing with someone like Stutzle. They probably go up.