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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juice</b></div><div>I don't mind the valuation of the trade...I just question how it would work logistically with the cap next year...not enough 2019-20 cap dollars are being sent to St. Louis to make this work.

I like the idea of maybe giving a 3rd or 4th round pick to the rangers for McQuaid. I like the idea even more if we overpay a bit on McQuaid and send Zaitsev along with him...then I can get behind this kind of deal.

Why is Gardiner having a bad season? Leaf fans just can't be happy with this guy for some reason. He's trying to play a more defensively responsible game...so taking less risk and getting less points as a result....but his traditional and advanced stats over the last 3-4 years make him a top 20 dman in the league...despite what anyone wants to b_itch and moan about. People like to jump on him for his turnovers...but go look at the league leaders in turnovers for defencemen....the top of the charts is littered with all-stars. Toronto fans don't give this guy the credit he deserves. No...he's not going to muscle a guy away from the crease...he's not that type of defender...but he's a damn good offensive defenceman.

If cap and everything else worked out....he could be sent to St. Louis in a similar deal that Evander Kane had with Buffalo/San Jose...picks conditional on him re-signing....I don't think anything makes sense this season...but could see a deal this summer once the Leafs would also be able to extend Pietrangelo...which of course means Gardiner will already be a UFA and different assets will need to be used</div></div>

First of all: I'm not a Leafs fan. I'm a Pens fan.

Second: There's some moves that could be made to afford Toronto to bring Pietrangelo. One of them could be trade Zaitsev. Another option could be trade Kapanen. Anyway, there'd be some options on the table and Pietrangelo worths all of them, in my opinion. As for Mcquaid, he'd be a good option as well. Much easier than mine. But, of course, with much less guarantees than Pietrangelo's. And finally, as for Gardiner, I still don't think he's playing a good hockey right now. His value certainly dropped last season and even more in this one. He's not playing well enough offensively and his defensive game is still below the average. I think he needs some fresh air to get back on his track. St. Louis could be a good option.