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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JhonnyCanuck5</b></div><div>What available center would you suggest going after?</div></div>

There's the rub, I guess. Not a lot of centers that would truly move the needle are likely available. Scheifele could be available if they are rebuilding (which your Connor trade would indicate). I'm not sure if SJ would move on from Hertl if the return was right. Duchene or Johansen could probably be had relatively cheaply out of Nashville. LA has a lot of depth and prospects there so they might be convinced to move someone if they feel Byfield/Turcotte /Vilardi/Pinelli/whoever are going to need roster room to take the next step, or maybe they are happy to convert guys like Vilardi to wing instead, sintead. We would probably have to deal a decent roster player or two to swing a trade with them. I think they are looking to compete now. I would be if I was in their division and conference. If St Louis wants a complete tear down, I would obviously have interest in Thomas, Buchnevich or Schenn. I think any of them would be no lower than 2C on Detroit and I think it would take years for someone like Kasper to pass any of them on the depth chart. Ottawa has great young center depth with Norris, Pinto, and Stutzle, but I doubt they are interested in moving any of them. They are lacking draft capital and we have plenty of that, I just doubt they want to move any of those specific players, though. More smoke around Debrincat. Anaheim has MacTavish and Zegras and probably soon to be Fantili, so they may be willing to move Strome if our scouts think he could play closer to how he did in New York with the cast of wingers we could put together, especially if we are adding Connor and Keller. We're probably well past the moving the needle point with Strome, though. Are the Rangers desperate enough for cap space to give us Trocheck and give more responsibility to Chytil? Vegas has never been shy about turning over their roster and Eichel, Stephenson, Karlsson, and Roy is probably too deep of a center group to not consider moving one if they need cap room again like they always seem to for their newest toy. In free agency, really just O'Reilly or Compfer. I can't think of anyone else worth considering, but I could be forgetting someone. Someone that didn't seem to be available moves every year around draft time.

I love the idea of adding Keller and Connor. I would probably be willing to move the pieces needed to make it happen. I would personally rather add a center of some kind rather than Tarasenko. Or at least only sign him if we need another winger to replace one we traded for a center. There was a time when I valued Tarasenko very highly, but he has had injuries and is getting older, which makes me hesitate. That being said, we don't have to give up assets to acquire him, since he's a UFA.

My original comment wasn't meant to disparage your roster, though. You would definitely be able to prop up Copp, Veleno, and a rookie Kasper pretty darn well with a group of wingers that includes: Connor, Keller, Raymond, Perron, Tarasenko, Rasmussen, Berggren, Kubalik, and Soderblom, and has Mazur as a call up option.

Our current roster has a lot of holes and issues. We have tons of LHD depth, but do we have a real first-pairing LHD? Only if Edvinsson steps into that role as a rookie coming off an injury. We have lots of decent/good wingers, but no top end talent unless Raymond takes a big step forward. We have lots of guys who can play center, but no one who feels like they are currently a 2C for a contender, and other than Kasper, no young guys who project to reach that point later. We need a backup goalie that can play a heavy load. We deperately need a RHD (or two) that can play in a middle pairing, but we have our top guy there at least. We need a top end goal scorer regardless of position. We need more physicality. Yzerman still has his work cut out for him, even as close to a playoff spot as we were a week before the trade deadline. We aren't a joke anymore, but we have a long way to go.
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