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Thread: Toews
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lunatik</b></div><div>Toews is a very good player, but he is not elite anymore and at 32, there is far from a guarantee he'll be nearly as good in the final year of his deal.

And I'm not suggesting he won't get a good return, but no one gets the equivalent to 3 first rounders and then some. Think more along the lines of the Karlsson return, at best</div></div>

Karlsson isn't a great comparison, he had one year left under contract and would be seeking 10M+ on his next contract. There really aren't going to be a lot of comparables for trading Toews.

In my eyes it depends on how the Rangers see themselves as far as window of Cup contention. If they see as starting in the next season or two, then yeah, giving up a late 1st, Strome (are we sure they like him as a player?), Miller and Georgiev isn't too high considering none of those 4 figure to help much if the window is now...especially if the Blackhawks retained some salary. If the window starts in two years, then hell no.
If Kakko and Lafreniere are great, when their ELC's are up they're probably not going to settle for bridge deals. They'll want 7M+. The cap gets trickier and a GM has less margin for error. That's why I think the return in a theoretical trade for Toews depends a lot on how a GM will see his team's window.

All that said, no team really has the cap space for Toews or Kane right now and I don't think the Blackhawks will trade either one of them so all these posts are kind of for fun or at least for discussion.