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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>For sure, if Danault signs for less than 5M and is willing to have mostly hard matchups and PK, sure. I just don't see it though. He's a good a player who wants money and accolades. He can get over 5M as a UFA easily and also can get a better situation elsewhere playing PP, PK and better 5v5 mins than in MTL. He wants to be the man, or at the very least the #2 man. If we give that to him, KK will not develop. If we don't sign him, KK gets his chance to be one of the major guys on the team.

As for the mins, well first of all you are over 60 mins right there. ;) Not that it really matters but just saying. Secondly, those mins are basically what they are already doing. Suzuki is averaging 18, Danault 17 and KK 15. So that extra 1 min is coming from the 4th line only really and if they play under 10 mins a night than its too little and a waste of a 4th line. They need to be in the game more than that unless they are bruisers.

Unfortunately its not just time on ice that is the issue. Simply having two other guys who are higher on the depth chart automatically than KK is detrimental after a few years. He needs to feel like he's one of the go-to guys to be able to develop into a star and when your the 3rd line center, it just doesn't feel like it anymore. KK is reminding me of Jordan Staal when he was with Pittsburgh. Tons of skill and size but ended up being a really good 3rd line center only when he was supposed to be a star player. I would rather KK become a perennial 50-70 point guy. That is what we drafted him for not a Jordan Staal. Even though that's better nothing obviously.</div></div>

“He’s a good player who wants money and accolades.” Not mutually exclusive with: “a team first guy who has no problem signing for $25mm in an environment where Toffoli just signed for $17mm, and plays for 6 years on a line with another team first guy in Gallagher, and wants the collective accolades of winning a cup, and raising his young family, in Montreal.”

Also, re: Jordan Staal, I’d take a player like that on my third line any day of the week and twice on sundays.