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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JmoneyTalk</b></div><div>I think the Oilers could give up a lottery protected first. However, only if Tatar agrees to sign a 3 year 4.5 mil deal. He's the classic guy whos going to get 6 x 6 and never live up to the contract. Lucic, Neal, okposo were all had better or had equal careers as Tatar and none are living up to their over paid contracts at that age. My guess Tatar stays with Montreal until season's end. They are going to make the playoffs this year, no sense trading him. If they aren't going to make the playoffs then maybe he gets traded for a rental bit the pick will end up being a late first round, only because the team trading for him will be in the playoffs. Also any team making the playoffs trading for him will probably be at the cap, so cap will need to come out which might be hard for most teams. Might have to pay a third party team to take a contract which might not be worth it if your already trading a first for Tatar. My guess is Tatar stays with Montreal until free agency. And with the flat cap he signs a 1 x 5 show my deal. But who knows, Hoffman still hasn't signed and he's much better then Tatar. Like I did above, EDM trade a lasted first for Tatar with an extension in place 3 x 4.5. but even then money needs to leave EDM to make this trade happen.</div></div>

I’m not big into trading for players with extensions in place. Prefer to see how they fit in not only on the ice but in locker room before opening negotiations on extensions. Sometimes a guy just doesn’t fit like AA wouldn’t want to be locked into a fresh deal and find out he doesn’t mesh with the group. Worsts way this could back fire is if he lights it up then wants more money don’t sign him walks as a free agent. At least in that event he would have helped as a rental likely a deep run which devalues the pick and makes the trade a pure rental. Not such a huge problem. If have extension in place and for whatever reason doesn’t mesh with mcdavid then left with over 10 million invested into tatar and Neal fighting for 3rd line that can be much worse overall problem.