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Thread: Gord Miller
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howisjulienstillhere</b></div><div>I play goalie (not elite but I understand the position) things that I’ve noticed from price are he is still incredibly athletic, he’s made several great saves every night including against Ottawa last night. He seems to be giving up some **** goals, which i believe is mental. Pure athleticism will allow you to make the amazing saves but the mental game is we’re some bad goals go in. Last year he had stretches of poor play and others of incredible play. He then saw an opportunity in front of him when they expanded the playoffs and the Habs qualified. He was mentally sharp. Not saying this new coach will fix him, but a new situation along with some wins and good play from him might ‘flip a switch’ and help him mentally. I think he can still be a high end goalie, especially if the team plays better in front of him</div></div>

I’m with you. He looks to me like he’s been less focused than his usual 100th percentile level of focus. So it definitely stands out. But again, we’re talking about a really small sample size, at the start of the season, and in a covid season with no fans (that i am absolutely certain he draws energy from), no less. I’m not sure that focus/concentration is something that you typically lose at 33 years old though. If I’m Bergevin right now, honestly, Carey Price is the last thing I’d be concerned about. Carey and Waite should be able to nip this in the bud in pretty short order.
Forum: Montreal CanadiensFeb 24 at 7:24
Thread: Gord Miller
I have a HUGE amount of respect for your opinions.
Carey Price has been average, at best, during many of his performances this season. I agree.
But do we really think he’s not going to return to his all world form?
Do we really take a day where there’s been a coaching change (because the whole team has been playing poorly) to ponder if Price will resemble an aging Lundqvist? Because of a sample size of 11 regular season games? When the team overall has also been poor recently?
Price was all world last postseason, as he has been most of his career. To the point that Anderson, Toffoli, Edmundson, etc. all chose to sign here long term? Do most elite goaltenders stop being good at 33? 34? 35?

Our defense was solid to start the season and the team was winning. If I had to point to one event, Victor Mete’s agent shot his mouth off speaking (erroneously) for Bergevin about what was “in the best interest of the team” before being refuted directly that he was not going to trade him, and that it’s not an agent’s place to say what’s in the best interest of the team.
The error here, in my opinion, was with Julien for playing Mete. Julien broke up the Romanov Kulak pairing, and I’d argue that neither Romanov, nor Kulak, nor the rest of our D, nor Carey Price, nor our forward group as a whole, have been as good since.

Ironically, when Ferris said that it would be in the best interest of the team to work together to find a trade, despite being wrong for speaking about what the team was going to do, he might have been right that trading a malcontent is better for team cohesion than keeping him (especially when you choose to play him when you’d probably be better off continuing to sit him).

It’ll be interesting to see what Ducharme does with Mete. If I had to bet though, I imagine the coaching change alone will be enough to light a fire into Price and we should see both him, and the rest of the team, back at the top of their potential in short order.
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