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Thread: Trade
Good question.

Duchene: Depends on the price! The problem is that Sakic expects a Young D whois NHL ready. We don't have that. However, he would be the one I target the most.
Marchessault: Don't think MB wants him in MTL. Bergy love's 90's hockey...defensive hockey, big wingers, shot blocking D's, etc. Marchessault is terrible defensively, see his -21 rating last year. I wouldn't do it.

Neal: Would fit with MB's style of players. Is a big winger. But the problem is that he has attitude problems and MB tends to prefer guys with a specific type of behavior (AKA BORING people). I personally wouldn't do it.
Vanek: No way that happens. He's old, slow and doesn't really give a damn. I'd pass and so will MB
Demers: Don't need another RHD. So no. Pass.
Trouba: Too expensive to get for potentially not many years. And we don't need a RHD. Although if we had him, we could move Petry. I'd give it a thought but wouldn't pay too much.

Tavares: Now here's the big one.

The problem is that, if you trade for him, you have to sign him. If not, there is no point in overpaying for a rental and then watch that player walk away during the summer. For some reason, I thinks he wants to become a UFA and test the market. He would probably receive offers from 20 different teams and get 10M/year or even more.

So if we trade for him then we have to sign him. And how much do we sign him for? 9? 10.5? I'm sure he would ask for the same salary has Carey Price. 10.5 Which would mean we'd be paying Weber-Price and Tavares a grand total of 28.9 millions. Leaving only 46 millions for the remaining 20 players...

Hanifin: would be an awesome fit next to Weber. But what we have to trade doesn't really interest Carolina who is looking for a RHD or a Center. Galchenyuk maybe? Petry+ ? It would be one step forwards - one step back as we would weaken one spot to get better at another. Personally would try to move prospects + picks for Hanifin but Carolina wants to make the playoffs so...I don't think MTL has what it needs to get him. Which is too bad.

Hope this post isn't too long.