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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juiceman</b></div><div>Severson is too old for our core. We need somebody who can play with Hughes for the next decade. Severson isn’t that guy. Höglander has some huge potential. Giving up on a 21 year old with that much potential is basically asking for a future YouTube trade tree video showing how much we got fleeced</div></div>

Personally, I don't see Hoglander with huge potential. I don't think he's got a top line ceiling. He's solid potential, but not star potential.

I agree we need a guy who can play with Hughes for the next decade, but I literally don't think that there is an <strong>available</strong> option out there that fits that role. Like, Braden Schneider might've been, but it seems like they've made him unobtainable. People are trading for JBD like he's the answer, and he isn't IMO.

You know what would work for me though? Getting Severson for the next 5 years, and at some point in the next 5 years acquire/draft one that can play with Hughes after Severson. I don't see why it has to be done by one single guy, especially when that guy seems impossible to get. Get Severson for 5 years, then get/develop a different one for 5 years after that while Severson drops to RH2.

If you're looking for a 22 year old RHD who can be a top pair guy, <strong>no one</strong> is trading them. So you look in house, and there's no one there either. Unless you make some concessions, the Canucks are going to end up with Schenn as his partner until we waste the teams' prime years.
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