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Aug 13, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>When? The first 10 games of the season when Koskinen couldn't stop a beach ball and Larsson literally dragged Jones' numbers down single-handedly? Or when Bear was forced to play too soon after his concussion? Jones and Bear are two of Edmonton's four best defencemen. Objectively. No doubts about it.

I don't think they pair well together, but we know that Bear pairs excellently with Nurse and the Jones-Larsson pairing has had a resurgence. The addition of Kulikov gives Bouchard an optimal partner. Unless you simply don't like the colour of either Bear or Jones' skin, this is a pretty open-and-shut situation. That setup represents Edmonton's 6 best defenders. Barrie's a #7 powerplay specialist and neither Lagesson or Russell have played at an NHL level for a month now.</div></div>

Thats bull**** that you are playing the race card. For the record I am in favor of putting Bear as a partner for Nurse next year and not bringing back Barrie I don't bel;ieve bear is incapable he did it last year, but there is something up, it's like Bear was totally unprepared to play hockey when he came into camp. You have Jones who has not been able to reign things in defensively, so much so that Russell belongs off the lineup and has now elevated to second pairing because there is no consistency from the left side. Lagesson had an extended look because he was consistent and tough in front of the net which led to some confidence from the coach but he is probably done with being a regular player now because he can't play at the pace he needs to to be in the NHL. The LD has been so bad that holland had to go out and make a trade to shore it up. Bear has had bright spots and also pretty bad times this season. He's been a damn poor skater until the last couple of games and he still hasn't found what he needs to play against the other team's best this season. His strengths last year were his steadiness, his decision making and he was quicker getting to and moving the puck and now that is all in doubt. Barrie at least gets the puck and does something productive with it most times, his skating is also far better which gives him a tool to get out of trouble when he gets fore-checked. You can't honestly think that Tippett is constantly rotating Lagesson, Jones, Russell because Jones is doing such a good job? He's making the same mistakes over and over.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 4:47 pm