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Forum: NHL SigningsJun 19 at 10:33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>Ready for this one....

Over the last 3 seasons:

<em>Kevin Hayes - 223GP / 148Pts / 0.66 PGP</em>
<strong>Dustin Brown - 233GP / 148Pts / 0.64 PGP</strong>

^Dustin Brown at $5.8 is considered a bad contract...wonder what that makes this Hayes deal?</div></div>

I appreciate your choosing Brown as a comp because both players are two-way forwards whose contributions exceed raw point totals. Arguably center is a bit more valuable, but let's shelve that for a more fundamental contrast:

Dustin Brown has 3 years left on his deal and he will turn 35 in November. He will be <strong>37 </strong><em>during </em>the last season of the deal.
Hayes recently turned 27 years old in May. He will be<strong> 33 </strong><em>during</em> the last season of his new deal.
When Dustin Brown signed his deal before the 14-15 season, it was <strong>8.5%</strong> of the salary cap.
Depending upon whether the cap is set to $82 or $83 million for 19-20, Hayes' deal is expected to be between <strong>8.6-8.71%</strong> of the salary cap.

In sum, Hayes' deal is by 1-2 tenths of a percent more expensive than Brown's, but does not extend well into what should probably be retirement years. Brown's deal is significantly worse because of the age/term factor. This isn't to say UFA isn't expensive; it absolutely is. 8.6-8.7% of the cap is nothing to sneeze at. The term could be a year shorter and be more attractive, but if the salary is front loaded, then the contract is probably going to be quite marketable to a cap floor team that many years down the line. We'll get those details later.

(Edit) P.S. In the 3 seasons leading up to that deal, Brown had 207GP / 110Pts / 0.53 PPG
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