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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 22, 2022 at 8:56 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DucharmetheDOMinator</b></div><div>Wow, this looks like a superb job at 1st glance

I think Monty signs 2 years max, as he can probably get a higher pay raise quicker
Same probably for Pitlick, most likely gets 2.2m × 2
I think Pulijujarvi takes 2 years at a higher aav. Most likely 3,7m 2y
Fiala probably wants a longterm deal, maybe at 7,25m. As for only 3 years, he probably asks for 8,7m

Rest of the signings are fine

If we have to pay to get rid of, Hoffman, I rather just keep him. He can probably get a 3rd form a team

That's perfect value for Jeff, I love that

For Armia, I know his value is low currently, but that shouldn't be his value. He's a great versatile 3rd liner, but I'd keep him unless we get a 3rd from a team. Truthfully, I doubt he can get that, but maybe we wait till January, to see if his value rises for us to trade him. He's still capable of 15 goals and 40 points IMO

I like that offer for Pulijujarvi, makes sense

That's exactly what i said Weber will get, yet another great proposal

For Dumba, I wouldn't say he's a cap dump. At this point , if he is, Petry is too, therefore Dumbas value is around a 2nd or so. Is Fiala worth 1st + 5th? IMO that isn't enough, maybe we add a prospect, like Harris or something and switch the 5th to a center prospect like mysak or kapanen, to make the deal: 1st + Harris + Mysak + 3rd for Fiala + Dumba

As for the team, I don't really know what you're trying to do. This team isn't young, I doubt it's able to go I the playoffs, and it's not a bottom 5 team. But, if it's a step in the direction to contend the year after this , then that's fine. But I'll tell you, this team ain't going anywhere.

Things I would switch: I don't really like that goaltending tandem, with the question mark of prices future, and the incapability of Montembeault being a starter, that can drag the team down. I would explore acquiring Marc André Fleury through free agency, I'd expect him to be cheap.
Or, we can go for a young goaltender, like, samsonov or vanecek or nedeljkovic or stolarz or hill
Lots of options

I would explore trading Gallagher and keeping 1 of Hoffman or Armia, gallys body is breaking down, wants to go to a contender, and has a contract that won't be amazing in the near future. Also, gurianov deserves 3rd line minutes

Drouin is still on LTIR, he will be ready at training camp, and Price is 90% retiring

Overall, not bad!</div></div>

Thanks for the feedback!
I think my take on Dumba might have been a little optimistic - based on MIN’s cap situation, so I think he’s worth around a 2nd.. I would absolutely be willing to add on to that Fiala deal if I was HuGo.
I would love to trade Gally, but I’m worried we’d have to pay to get rid of him - at that point I think it would be too painful for the fans.

Thanks again!