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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div>Didn't you say the same thing in February about <strong>Erik Brannstrom </strong>???

... and in <strong>2018 </strong>about <strong>Matt Duchene </strong>???
... and in <strong>2017 </strong>about <strong>Derek Brassard </strong>???
... and in <strong>2016 </strong>about <strong>Mike Hoffman </strong>???
... and in <strong>2015 </strong>about <strong>Mark Stone </strong>???
... and in <strong>2014 </strong>about <strong>Kyle Turris </strong>???
... and in <strong>2013 </strong>about <strong>Bobby Ryan </strong>???
... and in <strong>2012 </strong>about <strong>Cody Ceci </strong>???
... and in <strong>2011 </strong>about <strong>Mika Zibanejad </strong>???
... and in <strong>2010 </strong>about <strong>Ben Bishop </strong>???
... and in <strong>2009 </strong>about <strong>Erik Karlsson </strong>???

Now that I think about it:

... and in <strong>2008 </strong>about <strong>Milan Michalek </strong>???
... and in <strong>2007 </strong>about <strong>Mike Comrie </strong>???
... and in <strong>2006 </strong>about <strong>Mike Fisher </strong>???
... and in <strong>2005 </strong>about <strong>Dany Heatley </strong>???
... and in <strong>2004 </strong>about <strong>Peter Bondra </strong>???
... and in <strong>2003 </strong>about <strong>Zdeno Chara </strong>???
... and in <strong>2002 </strong>about <strong>Jason Spezza </strong>???
... and in <strong>2001 </strong>about <strong>Dan Alfredsson </strong>???
... and in <strong>2000 </strong>about <strong>Marian Hossa </strong>???

Now that my memory is jogged:

... and in <strong>1999 </strong>about <strong>Vaclav Prospal </strong>???
... and in <strong>1998 </strong>about <strong>Wade Redden </strong>???
... and in <strong>1997 </strong>about <strong>Damian Rhodes </strong>???
... and in <strong>1996 </strong>about <strong>Brian Berard </strong>???
... and in <strong>1995 </strong>about <strong>Alexei Yashin </strong>???
... and in <strong>1994 </strong>about <strong>Martin Straka </strong>???
... and in <strong>1993 </strong>about <strong>Alex Daigle </strong>???

Were this you or am I mistaken?</div></div>

Regardless of whom may have said it, facts are facts..... Sens will win [another] cup before the Leafs end their cup drought.