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Thread: Next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>You are right it was 2 2nds that was my bad. With AA you have to take in to account that Detroit was historically bad last season and it's much harder to score on a bad team. AA did play in the top 6 last season but Detroit's top 6 and Winnipeg's top 6 aren't even close. Would Detroit's top line of Mantha-Larkin-Bertuzzi even be the 2nd line in Winnipeg? Playing in the top 6 also means you're going up against your opponents best players every night. While Roslovic did't get very much time in the top 6 but he did play 25 more games and comparing their TOI Roslovic had almost 5 more hours ice time than AA. For those same reasons is why Yzerman most likely won't trade Toumositto. The MIA comment I was just being oblique. If you look at Yzerman's history when dealing with holdouts he moves them as quickly as he can.</div></div>

Your point of playing against the best doesn’t apply to Roslovic though. That’s all he did. The jets’ 3rd line is a checking line that goes up against the other team’s best every game. Roslovic also didn’t get as much ice time because of the depth in front of him. Obviously he isn’t beating anyone in our top 6 right now. Then Lowry and copp get more minutes because of their defensive prowess. The problem isn’t that Roslovic isn’t good enough, it’s that we have players like him. Of course AA will get more minutes because he was one of the go to guys (not really but u get what I mean there) in Detroit. In Winnipeg, there is 8 guys ahead of Roslovic on forwards alone. Imo, Roslovic is better than AA tbh (mainly because of AA’s brutal defensive game). Obviously AA is worth more though because he has proven more. I also think Roslovic would immediately step into the 2c role in Detroit and could be a big part of their future if he works out there. Whereas Detroit has hronek and sieder ahead of toumositto. The second should also be late. Imo this is very fair value and works well enough for both teams that it would at least entice yzerman.
Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 1:07 am
Thread: Next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>Detroit would move Lindstrom well before they move Tuomisto. Lindstrom is a solid defensive defenseman and Tuomisto is more offensively minded and he is a very good PP QB and that's the reason Yzerman drafted him. Plus Lindstrom is a Holland draft pick and Tuomisto is an Yzerman pick. Yzerman has been very stingy with his draft picks and with the Wing's awesome luck in the draft lottery I don't see that changing. I do like Roslovic and he had 29 points in 71 games last season. AA had 24 points in 46 games with the Wing's last season and when Detroit traded him along with Kuffner for a 2nd and Gagne who is 31. There is too much risk for Detroit to give up a very good prospect and a 2nd for Roslovic and then add that to the fact he is MIA and no-one knows why.</div></div>

AA got 2 seconds and gagner. Therefore, a former second and a 2nd is well reasonable. Also keep in mind that AA has actually been given a chance in the top 6. Roslovic has that production playing with a couple of stone hands in copp and Lowry. Therefore, I think this price is reasonable.

Also, for the reasons you described above, I’m interested in toumositto not Lindstrom. Toumositto is what we need long term, not lindstrom (we already have a couple of players like him in lundmark and kovacevic). AA also got less because he might not have lived up to his QO. Whichever team trades for Roslovic is likely getting him on a bridge for 1-3 season at 2-3M per.

Finally, Roslovic isn’t MIA. He doesn’t have a contract so he doesn’t need to be on the jets. It’s called holding out. RFA’s do it all the time.
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Thread: Small tweaks
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