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Thread: Marner
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MarkWinnipeg</b></div><div>I’m not sure. Maybe there is something I’m missing but I see that contract hurting the jets as soon as 2021-2022. I might be over reacting but from what I’ve seen of johansen, he isn’t nearly the player he was back when he got that contract.

If I’m the jets I’m calling for domi and cirelli first</div></div>

I'm a touch warry of Cirelli he was on pace for 53 points playing with kutch and then stamkos. Point lit it up last year to and fell off. Domi has that one really good season then fell back. Same with Strome not sure how much better any of them will be then Little if he's healthy. Any of the three are going to cost, I'd go with the big center with six consistent seasons and bet on him bouncing back. Believe Duchenne got the top wingers most of the season and we have four of those[/quote]

Cirelli was playing on Tampa’s 3rd line for half the season then got bumped up to the 2nd. Yes he generally had one of kuch or stammer with him but the other guy was either palat or killorn. He would on average have at least the equal talent with him on the jets and he’s only 23. Imo he will only get better. I think he hits 60 pts next season with good linemates. You also have to realize that cirelli’s bread and butter is his defensive game, not his production. He will also cost less than johansen clearly and there isn’t a big fear of him declining during his contract like there is with johansen.

As for domi, again linemates were an issue. Losing drouin for most of the season really hurt him as he was playing with lekonen and Byron for most of the seasons I think he has more to offer. 60-65 pts imo and he won’t come with the fear of him declining to a point where he’s no where near worth his contract.

I really like dylan strome and I know that I overrate him so im not going to go there. But I do see him realistically being a perennial 60 pt guy with the jets. So same deal as domi and Cirelli.

Even with duchene getting foresberg and arvidsson, craig smith (50+ pt winger imo) was consistently a linemate and so was jarnkrok. Imo, for this asking price, he shoudl have at least had over 36 pts. I don’t care how defense first our team is.

Therefore, personally, the signs of johansen declining are too much to give up this much for him. Decrease the price to say, 2021 1st, Stanley, and a 2nd and for sure I’d do it. I know I’m being picky, but for me it’s either gustavsson or the 2nd, not both, or no deal
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