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Forum: Armchair-GM19 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I'd like to see Stanley get a look in the top 4 but the guy who should come out is DeMelo!
I was saying it awhile ago, they should try Stanley on the top pair with Morrissey and see what happens, honestly couldn't be much worse then it is now.

If you can find it watch the Pulujarvi goal again against the Jets the other night, the D zone structure is a disaster and that goal is a clear example of it.

Idk, there's a story somewhere he was after Gavrikov and rumors are he was trying to get Manson, if there's truth to either I question wtf he was thinking, no doubt either one could help this weak D core but a LHD with term isn't at all what they need and wasting time/effort on a guy with a NMC who's played his entire career in California, has another year of term and just had a kid was really stupid imo and makes me question Chevy once again, time wasted on a guy you don't really need and another who's got trade protection was dumb!

He should've made the Savard trade, I'm usually against trading 1sts for rentals but this year would've been the year to make that trade.

I see a lot of comments like 'don't sell the future' or
'if you can't get a major difference maker dman then don't bother' or 'that guy isn't much better then what we got so why bother' and I really don't agree with that line of thinking when I look at the dmen that changed teams at or just before the trade deadline and the current state of the D.
Yes I agree don't sell the future like Heinola, Samberg, etc but a 1st round pick in this draft or mid to late round picks is in no way selling the future, the Jets are pretty set at most positions except RHD both presently and with prospects so trading a bit of draft capital for one or two dmen would've been worth it imo. As for the narrative of getting a "difference maker/#1 dman", well seriously what team is trading a dman like that?!! I'm not trying to be a D!c% but do some fans really think that we're going to acquire a dman like that cause I just don't see it happening, no one is trading that type of dman.
When it comes to the 'not much better' comments well I think if you can improve on any one of the guys you have for a reasonable price then you make that trade and almost every one of the dmen that got traded would of helped the Jets defense in some way.

Another thing is that this teams window to win is now so with the state of its defense and it unlikely that a #1 dman is being acquired it'll take some internal help and the acquisition of middle pair type dmen to solidify the backend, this TDL was as good a time as any to acquire a dman or two like that.

Oh well, guess we'll see how it goes next season with Ville and Samberg added to #4, 44 and 64, hopefully they're enough to push this D core from poor to at least average, really think an opportunity was missed by not doing more then just adding a #6/7 dman.</div></div>

I’d be hesitant to put Stanley in a top pairing role because he’s still only in his first season. Next year sure, but let him develop his confidence right now. I’m not much of a demelo fan either but poolman needs to come out before demelo. Demelo is at least solid in his own end.

I’ve watched the JP goal over and over and yes, there is some d-zone structure breakdowns here and there but the jets recover quite well imo. I mean, Connor and demelo both had chances to clear the puck but didn’t so there is that. And then that brutal play by Connor. Truth be told, that’s the reason the puck ended up in the back of the net. The rest wasn’t so bad that it would lead to a goal against. If you look closely ehlers tried to cover for Connor but he was too late. Just a brutal play from Connor tbh.

I understand gavrikov and I think it’s a good move. He would be the perfect partner for pionk (an upgrade over forbort who has been solid in his own right). As for Manson, as I said, I personally think it got past the point of asking him to waive and he did but the ducks changed something on the jets last minute. Someone changed something on the jets to piss chevy off, I just think it’s the ducks.

I completely agree, the jets should bd willing to move anyone not named heinola or perfetti and I think chevy was. When I said that maybe the price was too high, I mean maybe teams didn’t get past asking for them. They just didn’t want anything else which I highly doubt. I agree that the jets should be paying for any and all help, it’s their window right now. The savard trade should have been done by the jets but maybe chevy had something up his sleeve that fell through which is why he didn’t.

I think that next year, the jets should try to add a top 3 d-man with term. All the other pieces on this team should fill out in 1-2 years no problem. A number 3 would be ideal because it’s enough in terms of what we need but also the price won’t be sky high. I’m thinking a severson or if we can nab pulock somehow he’s perfect. He might also be getting to FA, you never know..

A big top 3 rd, I think chevy tried to make it happen but it didn’t work. Goes to show that the way chevy shops at the tdl is way to risky for a contending (or almost contending) team. I think he learnt his lesson
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 3:34 pm
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ducky10</b></div><div>My friend, I appreciate your opinions, we must agree to disagree. Imo Appleton is not a power forward, Adam Lowry is a power forward, PLD is a power forward, Ryan Reaves is a power forward... Jets are very thin on the right side of the blue line. It’s Pionk and Poolman. That’s it! The next guys up are Nogier and Niku! That’s scary. There aren’t even any decent prospects in the organization. It would be much easier to find a 3RW to replace Appleton than it would to replace Demelo who is tbh the Jets best defender.
There are plenty of better goaltending options for Seattle, Khudobin, Raanta, Subban to name a few. They could even sign Brossoit as a UFA.
It’s too much.</div></div>

For sure, agree to disagree, though I don’t think anyone will be arguing that appleton is a powerforward in 1-2 years.

As I said, I’d be looking for a replacement for demelo. I don’t necessarily like him and I think he’s a little overrated. He’s a good number 5, but that’s it. I’d be looking at bringing in oen of savard or Manson first. Then add another guy. Also keep in mind that forbort is likely staying.

How I see it:

As you said, you respect my opinion...and I respect yours. But if I’m in charge, Id do demelo, the 1st (let’s say 25th oa for the sake of argument) and say harkins for keeping Appleton and having a backup and an early 2nd (before 40oa)
Subban is not a better option and raanta and khudobin are both over 30 (Raanta is also a UFA I think).
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 1:23 am
Thread: Expansion
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ducky10</b></div><div>Oh man, love the passion! Appleton is NOT a power forward. I never said it wasn’t a good move, it absolutely seemed to be at the time! I’m saying in hind sight Nick Suzuki would look pretty good in Aviator blue!
It’s just to much to give up. Learn the lesson, They will lose a player, that’s the point. I’d rather lose one forward (you say yourself it’s the strength of the team) and keep the solid RHD in Demelo, whatever other asset you would lose (Harkins) and the higher pick. They are not taking Berdin. If it’s maybe a second and a deal that they take Harkins or Niku I’m ok with that but your proposal is a lot!</div></div>

Appleton totally is a powerforward. He’s still developing but he’s a young powerforward, no doubt about that. He drives hard to the net, plays the body, plays hard along the boards, etc, which are all qualities of a powerforward.

I think the lesson the jets learnt (contrary to other teams) is that they should be making another move with Seattle to protect the guys they need to. Tbh, I’m not much of a demelo fan so I’m guilty there and I think that if the jets can move him and get a different guy in FA they should.

Keep in mind, the jets aren’t moving the first for nothing, which is why demelo is there. They are getting an early 2nd back in my proposal. I think that moving down 10 spots, losing demelo (who some people value way more than I do in closing jets management), and a guy who likely won’t be playing much anyway (niku of harkins) to protect you backup and your 3 rw is great.

As for berdin, why wouldn’t Seattle take him? He’s the perfect guy to market, he has starter upside, he’s nhl ready, he’s young. He could become their franchise goaltender (just potential, I personally think berdin will be a good 1B). If I’m Seattle and the jets leave Appleton, harkins, niku, Stanley/demelo, berdin exposed, my list goes appleton, berdin, Stanley/demelo and then on. berdin comes right after Appleton because I think Seattle probably thinks there’s a chance Appleton can be a top 6 guy. There aren’t a lot of options like berdin to choose around the nhl. He will be very attractive to Seattle if he isn’t at the top of the list already.
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 10:01 pm
Thread: Expansion
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ducky10</b></div><div>Oh I watched it my friend! Live in fact! As I said, I love Toby enstrom. Myers was ok, let’s not get carried away. He played 3rd pair mostly. I also said I like Appleton a lot but to say he’s the reason Lowry is having success this year is not accurate. I could argue that a big factor in appletons success could be tied to his playing with Lowry!
It’s simply too much to give up for him. I hope they keep him but...</div></div>

Yes, but you risk losing either one of them without that trade. The jets also didn’t trade completely out of the first. It’s 10 spots. Let’s calm down here. I think it was a good trade and it worked out for the jest. The likely good the jest make it to the WCF without either fo them isn’t high. The jets’ strength that year was defence, not depth at forward or elite goaltending like it is now (though hellebuyck was excellent). I’m not so sure they make it without either. It’s much harder at least and for that reason, it was a good move.

I’m not saying that Lowry isn’t good, sorry if that came across like that. All I’m saying is that Lowry has missed a power forward next to him since armia was moved. Without that player, Lowry isn’t nearly as productive. Appleton and no one else is that player for the jets. The jest biggest strength this year is depth, I’m not sure we talk about that depth nearly as much without Appleton.

It’s also to stay off berdin. Brossiot is as good as gone and berdin is our next best bet (even after looking in FA for the price). I just think all those factors considered, the first is worth moving in a not so deep draft
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 6:16 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Don't mind the line shuffle idea, Stastny is more effective at center and Dubois is doing almost nothing so moving him anywhere in the lineup to get him going is well worth experimenting with imo.

I disagree with and don't get the desire from this poster and others to take Forbort out, yes his first step is slow but once he gets going he moves at a decent speed and he's been very solid for the most part, the Forbort/Pionk pair are the least of the Jets problems on the backend, the play of the four dmen who occupy the spots on the top and bottom D pairs(#2,3,44,64) are where the issues are. They've looked okay at times, some have had good games and some have had some really bad games, mostly though all four have had stretches of uneven play which is a major issue reason(though not the only reason) for this teams disorganized play at times, the systems run and D zone structure is horrendous, it could only work with the best D core in the league and even then I question if it would.

Disappointed in Chevy for not doing more at or before the deadline to strengthen the defense, Benn can probably help the 3rd pair though, hell try him on his offhand with Morrissey at this point, its worth a try anyway.</div></div>

Yes my point exactly. And though I don’t disagree with you on forbort I think he could benefit with some rest. I think everyone agrees that he’s lost a bit of a step over the season. He’s still very good, but the rest would be good for him. Just a game or so. Also let’s us see what Stanley can do in a top 4 role.

While I agree that the top pair has been wildly inconsistent, (mainly cause poolman has been inconsistent) I don’t think the same applies to the 64-2 duo. They have been consistently good and Stanley has been driving play. Last night was probably the first bad game we’ve seen from Stanley (and it wasn’t even that bad). I think that pair has been good. As for the d-some structure, I like what Maurice has done. He knows the defence is bad, but the jets have been playing a defence by committee style and it’s been working (generally) for over 2 weeks now. I think that while the d-core isn’t great on paper, Maurice’s structure has made it passable. For example, the jets did pretty well last night containing mcdavid. Other than the power plays (which we generally well done on the pk but there’s just the mcdavid and draisaitl factor) and that one brutal mistake by Connor (and the other ones of Connor and demelo being unable to clear the zone earlier), the jets played a very sound game defensively. I know it’s one game, but the jets did the same against the leafs and have been getting better each game. I know the defence is still bad, but I don’t think anyone is or shoudl bd calling for Maurice getting fired. He’s done wonderful. Hellebuyck hasn’t had to steal a game in like 2 weeks, that’s something.

I’m not making excuses for Chevy when I say this, but by the sounds of it, he tried really really hard too. Now we don’t know what happened, but either a deal fell through last minute or no teams got past asking for heinola and perfetti. Now I don’t know about you but I’m not moving either of those guys for Manson or even ekholm. That said, he sounded really mad, now we don’t know if that’s cause he knew this team was only a piece or two away from elite status and he was unable to deliver or he was mad at a certain team for pulling back a player at the last minute when a deal seemed done.
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