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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chief_Kief</b></div><div>1. Compare him to other bridge deals and especially now that we are in a non-flat cap era

2. Johnson has FOUR years left and is owed almost $18M and Tampa is desperate to move him. Boychuk is owed $5.25M over the next 2 years and Komarov is owed $3,5M. if teams were asking for a 1st and a 2nd for 50% retained on MAF what makes you think a first and a third for Johnson isnt fair? Wanna add the Tampa third to the JB deal be my guest

3. Jets need defensive depth, they get a defenseman and a 6th. Hickey can still play hes just not playing over our guys</div></div>

I am comparing him to other bridge deals. A 3 year deal would be at least 7.5 since he’s better than tkachuk and about the same as point (who got less because he is with a no state income tax team and its Tampa)

If teams wanted a first and 2nd for a serviceable player like fleury what makes you think you would give any less for a drastically overpaid 3rd pairing d-man. And fleury had 2 years left, unlike boychuck. Boychuck will cost more to dump than Johnson. The fact that teams all over this site are trading for Johnson should show that he won’t be that expensive to dump. Probably a first max.

“The jets need depth defensemen” is the dumbest narrative I’ve heard on this site and it won’t end. They jets have plenty of depth. Their ahl team is stacked with near nhl ready prospects who could step in and currently are poised to have 9 defensemen competing for 8 spots max. They have plenty of depth. They don’t need overpaid depth when they will likely be scratching guys like beaulieu, forbort, and sbisa. We don’t need an overpaid hickey lol (pun intended).
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