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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15</b></div><div>They won’t sign Smirnov, Kamenev or Weiss. Can’t sign Kovalenko until next year. Alt won’t get an NHL contract. They won’t sign both Barberio or Connauton if either. I don’t think they’ll sign Namestikov because of Bowers and Kaut. Huge over pays on Jost and Graves, they are RFA’s with no leverage. And Byram is going to be on the Avs next year period, another year in juniors has no upside whatsoever he is ready for the NHL. IMO one of Z or Graves is gone to make space for him probably Z. Burkovsky’s contract is probably a little low considering what he is already making.</div></div>

Smirnov, Weiss, Alt, Barberio, Connauton are all AHL/Depth signings. Just trying to fill the depth charts lol. Don't know much about signing rules for Kovalenko so my bad?

I know the Jost contract might be scary for everyone but I'm confused as to why everyone thinks Jost is a bust/getting traded when Compher has almost identical numbers, points-wise but nobody batted an eye when he got 4x3.5M. I just figured Jost deserved something similar if we were looking at RFA comparables.
Graves is having himself a tremendous season and I was thinking he should get a deal like this to reward it but also not blow it out of proportion in case its a fluke of a season (which I doubt).
As for Byram, he'll just have to continue to dominate so the Avs have no choice but to bring him in. Obviously I'd love to see him play ASAP but I'd also love to see a roster with experience while they don't have to rely on cheap ELC's (like they will have to start doing at the start of the 2021-2022 season).
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