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Feb 10, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>Maybe about a month ago before Burke went to Pittsburgh on HIC they were discussing players demanding trades that haven't done much to make themselves tradable. Burke went on about Bennett work ethic and how he really like Bennett and recently the rumors have Bennett going to Pittsburgh. But they are just rumors and I could be wrong about Bennett going to Pittsburgh.</div></div>

It's just another wrinkle in this weird trade deadline coming up! With Burke and Hextall in Pittsburg, Sutter in Calgary, NY Islanders injuries, Philly kind of falling apart, Buffalo actually falling apart, no teams playing outside of their division, COVID scares, Injuries, short season, revenue being down,, flat cap, just so many things going on it's crazy to try and keep track of them. It's gonna be a weird one.

Bennett to Pitts would make a lot of sense, not sure what they can offer that will top other teams, I sure don't think my offer was all that great. Mostly think it's the kind of move Sutter would like. I think every team in the North division needs an upgrade, boost, or additional depth on defense. I figure Staal or Nemeth are quality candidates to fit that, Brome might be a nice addition for a team looking for some quickness and decent defensive responsibility, I also think he has a lot of potential to get on the score sheet on a decent fourth line. But, that's all dependent on a team being really high on him. Not sure if that's out there. I just thought it was an interesting trade.
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