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Feb 10, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GMMar 22 at 10:13
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DiehardRedWingsFan58</b></div><div>Like i've stated on numerous threads like this one, the odds of Yzerman retaining on Glendening are fairly slim, Yzerman will want to retain on Bernier, Helm, Nemeth, Filppula or Staal not on a miniscule $1.8 million for Luke Glendening.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>buffbry</b></div><div>Same story different day wings aren't retaining on LGD</div></div>

And that is why you guys are not GM's, any GM will retain on any player as long as they are compensated for it (unless they are MB who not only gives away players but retains on them as well, Kovalchuck) Kovalchuck was only at 750k and Montreal retained half of that (they should have gotten an additional pick but that is on MB). If the only player who is garnering any interest is Glendening or if they only trade two of them and one is Glendenning Yzerman would retain on him to maximize the return. To say Yzerman won't retain on a Glendenning trade is not correct, perhaps more of a "Yzerman will not retain on Glendenning unless it benefits the Wings" would be more appropriate.

Also, No one wants Filppula or Helm and very few others will want Nemeth, so the Wings won't have to worry about retaining on them. Luckily for the Wings though they are all UFA's at the end of the season so they won't hurt the cap situation going forward (unless the Wings can't hit the cap floor, but I doubt that would be a problem, they aren't after all Ottawa).
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 22 at 10:20