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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 8 at 9:21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PenGoater99</b></div><div>1. Maatta's value isn't that high according to Elliotte Freidman, the Pens have tried to move him before and nothing has materialized, I really doubt Montreal even thinks about something like this even though it addresses a need for them.
2. Gudbranson played well down the stretch, yes, but that was a very small sample size, there's a very low chance he plays like that for an extended amount of time, it comes down to moving money at that point
3. In this scenario, Malkin is traded to Florida under the assumption they miss out on Panarin and Bobrovsky. He would give them arguably the best top 6 in the league
3a. It will be hard to get more than that for Kessel, even though his cap hit and production are attractive, his age is a big detractor
3b. Similar case to Kessel. Name is a selling point, but age is a risk. This deal is about what the Pens should expect in any potential deal, a replacement, another roster player a 1st and another piece</div></div>

1. Im highly skeptical of that. They should easily be able trade him for at minimum a third but likely more. While he is most likely to be traded they don't necessarily need to trade him.

2. That is a terrible argument smh. So he played well but better dump him fast is your logic? If they just wanted to move him for the sake of moving him they could get a draft pick for him WITHOUT ANY retention. If you really wanted to move money retention would be a nonstarter. Take out the pick sending out and taking out the retention, so its just gudbranson for a mid/late round pick then it would be more reasonable. They don't need to add any sweeteners into the deal.

3. Ok In that case If they do miss out in free agency I could see them highly interested in Malkin. But that means any possible trade likely wouldn't be til after the draft. Which means picks couldn't be 2019 ones.
3a and 3b any team that wants to win right now really doesn't care that much about age although it is one factor. The penguins don't really need to trade either one so if they don't get a better package than these they should simply say no. If the Arizona pick was a top 5 or 6 pick I would be fine with that deal. But it will only be a handful in front of the penguins own pick so they should need to add. Floridas pick also isn't that high(plus as established above, if they miss out on free agency the trade would be involving 2020 picks, and their pick is likely to be even worse if they add big to their current roster) and while Trocheck is a very good player, Malkin is a generational type player. These trades are a good start but would need to both add a bit. These are closer than most of the trades on here at least.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 7 at 11:42