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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>neums33</b></div><div>This is very fair. I have my own way of gauging a players worth and everyone is entitled to their own opinion with theirs. I like to combine analytics, eye test, and team surroundings/situation to judge what a player would be worth on another team. I think Anderson has a very high ceiling with the Islanders and i also think people overrate wahlstrom compared to how hes viewed in league circles. Every fanbase does that with their own players to be fair. There were many Rangers fans that didnt want to include Kravtsov or Schneider in a trade for Eichel. But judging on the way outside evaluators talk about wahlstrom, i think his trade value is way less than people think bc hes very flawed under the goal scoring numbers and misleading overall analytics.
Boeser would be a great option but i dont think the Islanders would be able to match most other biddings by other teams. Chychrun is probably gonna be Arizona's captain next year and has publicly said he wants to stick through the rebuild. so they are not gonna trade him to anyone. And Girard to me is a very interesting thought but i wouldnt trade Wahlstrom for him bc that just opens up another hole. We need to have a top 6 winger that Trotz can trust to play important minutes and i think Wahlstrom gets them that this year at some point. I honestly think hes gonna be traded this year</div></div>

i'd be fine moving him, i just don't think anderson's the guy to target. i'm not sure who is, but anderson doesn't excite me at all.