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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>battadan</b></div><div>that's a little heavy on the trades. we need a goalie ha

i think if we are sitting in a playoff spot even WC you got to do all you can to make it. playoffs are a luxury we have taken for grated in the past. just like st. louis if you get in you can win.

with that said if we are outside looking in, and no signs of improving i'm ok with trading the following: Smith, Gus, Murphy, no goalie trades( we need to keep one for next year).

also if a lot of teams have the mentality of "if we get in we can win" that will turn it into a sellers market. the returns could be high draft picks, and good prospects. there are a lot of teams that are in "win now mode".

i think Chicago will be in the palyoffs, and somewhat comfortably. so i see us being very minor buyers at the TDL.


I hear ya on the trades being a little heavy. In terms of too many. I really do think those late 1st rounders are achievable though...if Stan were to go this route. I'll admit, I'm still a spoiled Hawks fan and I don't want a 1st round exit. If they're struggling in Feb AND look like they're the 2nd wild card team...then I'd prefer to build one more year. If they're in a solid position for the playoffs then I'm for keeping BOTH goalies because that tandem to me is what's really going to help for a deep playoff run. I'd still be ok with trading Gus because Boqvist looks to be already...ready. Teams like Tampa, TOR, and Boston have built up their farm systems so that they can maintain playoff longevity. Stan's built up a nice defensive prospect pool and even some nice center depth, but I don't think that pool is deep enough yet. The Hawks don't have many quality OHL/WHL/Q players...sans Kirby. I believe he's their only one now. Most of the guys are signed to play in Rockford. It's possible I'm missing a guy or two like Gravel for example.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>Keith has been declining and looked good 1/3rd, decent 1/3rd and just plain bad the other third of the time on the ice. Seabs is okay for a 3rd pairing. Maatta is horribly slow and on most playoff teams wouldn't be more then a 3rd pairing. I struggle with understanding how this defense is good enough for the playoffs.

Couple that with the fact besides Cat, Toews, Kane, strome and Shaw...we have a lot of unknowns or bottom guys on the front lines. If Toews, Kane, Cat and Strome don't put up numbers like they did last year and or a couple of these new guys don't break out, the Hawks aren't making the playoffs.

I just don't see us in a much better position then we were this time last year. It's going to be a coin toss. If we miss the playoffs 3 years in a row after a 1st round creaming the year prior, this team will need a rebuild. Hate seeing the last few years us wasting our core players with a bunch of B- or less guys around them.</div></div>

I disagree. While I'm not a fan of the Maatta trade, hes good in his own end and we have de haan (who every hawks fan was screaming we sign last FA day). Last year we had Rutta/Manning in the line up, Ill take De Haan and Maatta over those 2. Theres nothing that indicates that our offense will have a down year but thats a possibility that every team faces. I think guys like Kubalik, Sikura, Saarela, Wedin, Perlini (hopefully) can bring that extra offense needed or maybe some our prospects are more ready than we think but we wont know until next week when development camp starts. And you forget to mention Lehner who is probably the biggest blessing this offseason. If crow isnt ready Lehner can easily take over for him and if crow is ready we have 2 legit nhl starters on our team playing night in and night out. Games that were once throw away games on the back to back or more winnable now. Lehner is a HUGE step up from Ward as much as I liked Ward. If we do miss the playoffs, which I think is unlikely we should start over. But if its a first round loss or even a sweep again we shouldnt overreact like we did when we traded Panarin. I'd say wait and see how things go the first 10 games. Also RIP Joki.
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