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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyplayer1</b></div><div>What's the condition on the Kempny trade? I personally believe he is worth more than a 4th to a lot of teams in the league, especially contenders at the deadline. He is a very nice 3rd pairing/depth piece for a contender with D issues.

I'd have to think that Kero and Franson pull way more than a 5th. While yes they both passed through waivers there are often GM to GM relationships as to why they do. GMs don't want to "step on each others feet" if they don't HAVE to. There are many decent players passed through waivers every year that don't get claimed but then maybe are later traded.
Now with all that said I don't envision getting a 2nd round pick in return, but maybe a young prospect and a pick.

I'd hope Stan wouldn't trade Anisimov for a 2nd and 3rd. He is on a very reasonable contract and is a solid 2nd line center or great 3rd line center. Players like that usually go for a lot more on the trade market. The hawks will also need to fill his center spot with someone, which they currently don't have in the system.</div></div>

Appreciate the feedback. All trades here were obviously tilted to the side of what the Hawks can definitely get, opposed to stretching them out for unrealistic returns. Hoping it would show a glimpse of what this could turn into.

I imagined the condition as a 4th that becomes a 3rd if Toronto makes it to the 2nd round and he plays in 75% of the games, or something of that nature.

It really seems to me that Kero is blocked in our organization because he isn't a Top 9 C, and Q often prefers veterans or "tough to play against" agitators on his bottom line. He'd be stuck in Rockford anyway, due to the fact Sikura is coming, and Kampf has shown more speed and skill than Kero has. Franson was obviously brought in because of the question marks on D to begin the year, but pleasant surprises have made him expendable. If we could get a 4th for the two, I'd be happy.

Art would almost certainly bring back a relatively high-end prospect with a mid-round pick, but as I alluded to above, I'm not exactly sure what prospects a team like PIT would be willing to give up, so draft picks were for show. Like I said though, turning 30 in May, 3 full seasons left on his deal after this year, and injury concerns these past two seasons... not sure his value is quite as high as we would like it to be.
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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 30, 2017 at 10:56
I would be very pleased if this came to fruition. I still believe Forsling makes the team out of camp, especially because I could see the Hawks taking 8D. I also think John Hayden gets the first crack at a bottom 6 winger role over Dauphin. I see Dauphin, Hino, Debrincat, and Pokka all starting in Rockford but as players who are on Stan's radar as possible call-ups by December. Also, You would have to give up much more than Arty to acquire the RFA rights to a 23 year old Galchenyuk, otherwise simply signing him to an offer sheet at that amount would result in serious draft pick compensation. They would likely want Art, a serviceable D-man (2nd/3rd pair), and possibly a pick. For conversations sake, maybe you flip Merrill to them, with Anisimov and a late pick, and it's something MTL considers. Regardless, I like the signings. You may be a little low on the Gagner contract, his market value is around 2.5-3.0, so I can't see any instance where he takes less than 2.0. Fortunately you left cap space, so you could give Gagner 2.5 and still have room for a trade deadline addition. Everything is obviously contingent on the Hossa situation, hopefully the NHL has given the Hawks some information so Stan is able to approach free agency without any question marks. Otherwise, I don't see Hossa waiving his NMC for a contract trade anyone if he truly believes he is only taking a year off, and then attempting to return. In other words, a trade would be an admittance form Hossa that he is indeed retiring and it is simply a "Pronger" trade. Tough call for him to make at this point, and hate to see him rush that decision. It will be interesting to see the way it plays out.
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