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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>In the last 5 games Gus has 3 goals. His value is increasing back to where it was despite a slow start to the season for him.

Caggs is worth more then a 5th. He's versatile and able to play up and down the lineup, that kind of player is worth a lot more then a 5th at the TDL. He's a better version of Hartman who got a 1st. Caggs is at least a 3rd.

Maatta or De Haan needs to go. The Hawks are too deep with defensive prospects next year and Holm, McCoshen both look really good in Rockford not to mention Gilbert, Mitchell, both being options next year. Koekko should also get traded, highly doubt we re-sign him.

With the bonuses this year, the Hawks are going to need to move pieces besides low cap hits like Gus and Caggs.</div></div>

I agree we could get more for Caggs for more but one question is his durability with his play style (has been in concussion protocol 3 times in the last 14 months). You could argue a 4th and maybe even a 3rd but for now I would say or 4th or 5th for caggs.

As for Gustafsson here is the problem. His offense is offset by his awful Defense. He makes awful plays and usually leads to goals against. In the past 4 games I can recall 3 goals he is responsible for and a ton of other chances he has given up. If a team trades for him then they'll need a partner for him to be defensively sound ie the Coyotes who have some nice defensive defenseman. I understand sometimes teams will pay a good amount for a player at the deadline to make a playoff push but Arizona won't be giving up a lot for him. I think this deal gives the Blackhawks a chance to grab a solid B prospect and pick for a guy who will leave this summer.

I agree with you Koekkoek and Maatta have got to go. A guy like Mitchell needs to be in the lineup next year. I think the defensive core goes:

De Haan-Seabrook
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