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Samberg: 6'4" 216 lbs, age 22
Heinola: 5'11" 180 lbs, age 19

This thread has to do with regards to the future of the jets with these two players. As of now, they are paired together on the Moose with Samberg on the right and Heinola on the left. Now Samberg is a 2-way player while Heinola is more offensive-minded and it makes me wonder where these two fit on the Jets. It is really difficult to see where these two belong on the jets because of their playstyle and where the Moose have positioned them to develop. They have Samberg playing the right side while him playing a left shot player so it makes me wonder if he is being groomed to play the right side in the NHL and if he excels I could see him playing the big bodied defenceman to play with Morrisey. However, I wonder where Heinola would fit because I would be hesitant to have him paired with Pionk because both are more both offensive-minded and smaller players, and that defensive play and overall size could be concerning. For Pionk to play to his best I believe he needs to be paired with big defensive defencemen and I am saying this because he looks like a way more complete player with a partner such as Forbort. However with Samberg playing right side, it looks like they are training him to be an RHD in the NHL and if the jets had the goal of making him a partner for Pionk, why not play him on the left side? This has made me wonder how these two could play on the jets because I know there is a lot of expectation for Heinola but I view Samberg as a more complete player who could more versatile to where he plays.
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 15 at 10:02