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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>So, many folks don't realize the that the Performance Bonuses and when they when/should be paid, and how Horton's salary is calculated affects the cap. So actually 2018/19 is about the tightest amount of money available.
There were "plenty" of money available for Matthews, Marner, Kapanen Borgman in 2019/20.
Actually if the Leafs wanted to Tavares and maybe he took only 10m or so, the Leafs could do. But it would mean trading Gardiner for instance next season.
It is virtually impossible to get rid of Marleau's contract, he has NMC. The only way it happens if he retires and then it's easy move to rid of the cap hit. But no reason why Marleau should retire. It will be last chance for a Cup.
Horton's contract is impossible to move. While other most other LTIRs are fully insured, a team with big cap room don't mind acquiring this type of player. Horton's LTIR is unique is that it uninsured, and the owners of the Leafs pay 5.25m out of pocket every year to him. No other team want that. That is the reason the Leafs were able to trade Clarkson for Horton years ago. The owner of Columbus didn't want to pay out of pocket 5.25m for Horton, they would rather pay 5.25m for Clarkson and have him play.</div></div>

We will have little-to-no ELC bonuses for 2019/2020 IF (and only if) we trade Horton. His contract IS tradeable, but we'll have to really sweeten the pot. Add a 1st + prospect/young player or something...

Marleau is going to get paid 1 million in his third season after his bonus in July. His contract will be very tradable IF he agrees to the trade.... A lot can happen between now and then, so we'll see. Regardless... we can probably keep Marleau too if we trade Horton this offseason...

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jfstompers</b></div><div>Like i said save the money for matthews</div></div>

We can afford both... and like I said above, we can probably even do it with Marleau (although it will be tight). Regardless, if Tavares is willing to sign with us in Free Agency, you do it... Its just propper asset management

2019/2020 with Marleau:
Extra (0.975)

Extras (2.75)


+ Kessel 1.2
+ Martin 0.75
+ 2 million ELC bonus carry-over (probably won't have our full 3.7, especially if we trade Horton).

This equals ~ 82 mil &lt;- Realistic cap, especially if it increases to 80mil for next season.