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Thread: Canada 2022
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- I don't know if you would have to pay to dump Baertschi. Might be able to do 5th + him for a 5th or something. Minor detail, the idea is right.
- Gaudette needs more. I would think somewhere around 2M or so, for 2-3 years. Similar to the deal of Connor Brown a few years ago.
- One more year is gonna be needed for Markstrom. It sucks because of Demko and DiPietro, but he's gonna want that 4th year because he will get it anywhere else. Again, minor detail.
- Motte, Virtanen, and Leivo all make sense.
- I would sign one of Tyler Madden and Linus Karlsson, and William Lockwood 100% (UFA in August if not signed)

- Interesting one to watch is Tanev. My opinion is that if you are going to trade Stetcher (clears about 3m in RFA money), you should be aiming higher than Tanev. Do you go for someone like Barrie and give him 7M? I don't think so, but it could be an option.
- I do like the contract you gave Tanev, it makes sense even if it is a little bit steep from my preference. If you are keeping Tanev:
- I don't really like moving Stetcher, I would rather see him stay. Honestly I would trade Benn and use the money to sign Stetcher. Leave Fantenberg as the 7th and reunite Stetcher and Tryamkin from a few years back. I love the depth Defence that we could have, but IDK if I trust Fantenberg, Tryamkin, Juolevi, Rafferty, etc. yet. I would sign Stetcher for another year and move him at the deadline if needed. Remember, Edler only has one year left after this.

Also, the cap is projected to go up by about 1M, so that would make up the difference in what I am suggesting. (I'll post my similar ACGM later)
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