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Thread: Stand Pat
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bruinsdude77</b></div><div>Both of these things can be true. I don't agree at all that the Bruins are destined for a rebuild but in a salary cap league you also need to draft and develop and Lysell looks like a potential star and Lohrei a lock as a top-four defenseman at a position of need. You don't move either for a rental and I don't think you move Lysell at all. If Lohrei is going, a long-term top-pair LD a la Chychrun needs to be coming back and the rest of the package can't be too extreme. The 2023 first also needs to be reserved for a long-term add.

As for the idea that the B's should stand pat, I completely disagree. The market will settle closer to the deadline and if high prices stick for term players, so be it. There are only so many runs left with Bergeron. Either find some defensive depth and top-six forward to rent for a good price or swing for the fences with a long-term add at LD1, RW1, or C2. Don't be stupid with your most valuable pieces but don't protect them on principal alone. Most importantly, don't do nothing.</div></div>

I understand disagreeing with standing pat. What I don't understand is why everyone thinks this team goes into full rebuild once Bergeron is gone. A foundation of Pastrnak, Marchand, Hall, McAvoy, and Swayman is too much to ever be at a point of non-contention. The Bruins will need another top 6 C sooner than later, but that does not mean they have to give up their top and mid-range assets to try to win this year because it's hopeless in the future without Bergeron. The Bruins can continue to be a playoff team for years to come. That's what great franchises do. They are always competitive and seldom have to enter a rebuild, which is never a guarantee. Look at Buffalo.
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