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Forum: Armchair-GM12 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>No idea how things turn out. Everything after those 3 picks would drastically change, which affects UFA signings, trades, game outcomes and future draft spots. No guarantee those players develop the same way either.

Kind of a rabbit hole of pointlessness. 1 win from a cup last year, one of the best teams in hockey this year...I'd say their doing just fine.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gofnut999</b></div><div>This had been to done to death so thumbs down for beating a dead horse.

All sorts of problems occur. B’s likely miss out on Mac the next year which is a far bigger loss. Cap would be a huge problem.

But if we are going to do this do it right.

Pick 13 - Debrusk/Conner
Pick 14 - Boesser
Pick 15 trade down with Jets trade 15 and 75 for 24 and 47. Jets come up and take Barzal.
Pick 24 Sebastian Aho
Pick 37 Carlo
Pick 45 Roope Hintz
Pick 47 Jordan Greenway
Pick 52 Lauzon

Again, no more Mac and cap hell but....damn.</div></div>

And <a href="/users/NoOne1" target="_blank">@NoOne1</a>

Yall gotta stop looking in hindsight. Yes, Senyshyn was a reach in the first and the bruins could have taken Aho or Barzal or Boeser in his place (who were projected to go around then). BUT: Debrusk was projected right there, and they liked his play style so you cant change that pick, and the two best dmen left on the board at that point were chabot and zboril, but they saw something in zboril so you cant change that either... SO: Fine, change Senyshyn to Boeser or Barzal (who was originally a top 10 pick until injury), but the other two should not change

And <a href="/users/gofnut999" target="_blank">@gofnut999</a> : I tagged u too cuz this was before the bruins drafted Carlo, McAvoy, or Lauzon, or had Griz as a roster player, etc... and they had just traded away Hamilton. The bruins were 100000% going to take a dman in the first round, so no they would not have taken "debrusk/conner" and "boeser" and "trade down with Jets trade 15 and 75 for 24 and 47. Jets come up and take Barzal" and then take another forward at the 24th. Wasnt gonna happen so that is not right
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Thread: idk friends
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gofnut999</b></div><div>OMG Seriously? Untwist your panties.

First Halak was never bought out. Anywhere. He’s been traded a couple times. He signed 4 year deal with Isles and played the entire contract there. They put him on waivers at one point, he cleared and went to AHL for awhile.

Second, no he could not be a starter anywhere, that’s ridiculous. He’s not the #1 where he is is he? He is not going to Tampa and supplant Vas, or Anaheim and oust Gibson, or 20 other teams either. Just silly to even say that.

Third he has always been a starting caliber type of goalie. He has not always had a starters job though. Sometimes there are more asses than there are seats. Musical goalies.

Just because he has starter talent does not mean he gets starter job and starter $. Understand? Teams don’t pay guys they bring in to be backups 5m regardless if they are starting quality or not.

There will be between 2 and 7 starting jobs open next year depending how things play out. And half of those would have to move out someone that is already under contract for that to happen. The rest are already filled. And with Holtby, Lehner, Crawford, Greiss, Markstrom hitting the market along with Halak, Howard, Smith.Talbot and others. It’s going to be musical goalies. And that does not factor in guys who could be traded like Raanta, Georgiev, Dubnyk, Quick, Allen that could change the landscape of the market.

Then there is the problem of his age. His next contract will be a 35+ contract. No cap relief if he flatlines. So teams will be looking at 1 or 2 years tops. Most of the teams that will be looking for starting goalies are not looking for a short term stopgap. Buffalo would be a great spot. Hutton and Ullmark make nothing combined and are average at best. Halak could split time there for around 4m while giving UPL a year or 2 to develop. If they have the cap space, and the desire to do it.

So it does not matter if he has starting ability. What matters is - is there is a starters job, co-starter, or highly paid mentor/backup to a kid making nothing available.

There are not many openings and more bodies available to fill them than there are slots. Musical goalies.

If he gets one...great for him, best of luck. If not B’s will take him back at 3. If not...Dobby is a UFA too...musical goalies.</div></div>

I stopped reading after "Untwist your panties". Please be kind on this website, its for people to discuss things. Also please just respects others opinions (especially when they are clearly backed by fact).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>Studnicka isn't Barzal, and their prospect pool is not deep. If it was, they would be using it. They lack depth scoring. They don't have guys who can fill that role.
Every team likes to hype prospects, it doesn't mean they are actually difference makers.
This team like all good teams is going to age out. the question is when. It happens to every good team. They are no different. Which is why they should sell out and go for the cup.
That's what you build a team for. This is the best shot they will probably have in the next 10 years.</div></div>

Well you just proved me right by saying "they would be using it.". Due to the amount of injuries this season, the bruins have called up Studnicka, Frederick, Bjork, Senyshyn, Lauzon (briefly), Urho, Cam Hughes, and a few other non-prospects (Guance, Carey, Kampher). So yes you are in fact wrong and you just proved it. <a href="/users/Shaamwae" target="_blank">@Shaamwae</a> is entirely correct too. So please listen to them. I am not saying he is exactly like Barzal, but it is a stretch to say that the bruins "won't have a single 1C on the whole team"

Also the key word was "underrated". Im sure you watch nhl network or NBC who all want to say the bruins are the 25th best prospect pool. That is simply so wrong lol. Like Marchy and Lucic and Bergy and literally half of their team, a lot of the bruins good guys come from the second and third round and nobody wants to accept that they may be good untill they are the Selke winner or a 100 point player lol
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Thread: idk friends
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