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Feb 22, 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CheechYou</b></div><div>No I definitely take this into account in a major way in my posts.

Here I have the following coming off the books:

- Andersen's 4mil, to be replaced by Melnichuk or a cheap 1-2mil cap hit veteran
- Barabanov's 2mil, he can resign for cheap if he plays poorly, or if he plays very well, which I hope and expect with this roster, will price himself out of SJ, but he can be replaced with Robins or another ELC,
- Nieto and Poolman's 1.5mil each combining to 3mil, to be replaced with Merkley's ELC and either Nieto with himself at a cheaper rate or a guy like Checkovich or another ELC

So 9mil opens up there for 4 spots to fill + Ferraro and Hertl (and Kniazhev's) extensions.

The cheap suggested new ELCs/re-signings leaves around 5mil plus the existing cap space I have here which is around 2mil, but Jones' buyout penalty increases for the next few years by 500K, so in reality it's 5mil + 1.5 in existing cap space for a total of around 6.5mil to cover for Hertl+Ferraro+Kniazhev's extensions, which I think is plenty:

Hertl a 1mil increase, Ferraro a bridge 2yr deal for ~3mil (2mil increase), Kniazhev a 2yr bridge with a 1mil increase, for a total of 4mil increase covered by the 6.5mil in cap space, leaving 2.5mil.</div></div>

So let me get this straight: you think that Hertl, a well regarded top six center, who despite having lost time and conditioning to Covid-19 is still having the second highest points per game of his career, and who is on a 30+ goal pace (assuming a full season), is going to sign a contract in San Jose with a $1 million dollar raise, meaning he would be making less than Cooch and Kane and barely more than Timo? I think that is <em>extremely</em> unlikely, especially since he could almost certainly get more than that elsewhere.