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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jack_</b></div><div>The reason you have they best players so low in the lineup is because of their time on ice. I guess you are rating their stats just off corsi most of their forwards are fantastic and their defense is absolutely horrible. The reason they are on for so many shots against is because they arent able to exit the defensive zone leading to more time in the defensive zone meaning more shots against. Sure the forwards are to blame a little bit but it's mostly because they have below average defenseman and those defenseman are playing way over their heads. If they had better defenseman to play with their individual and team corsi would go up.

Now if we go back to what I was saying about TOI we see that their top forwards are playing against other teams top forwards and they are still on the ice with their ****ty defenseman. They will have a worse corsi because they are playing the tougher minutes whereas the bottom 6 guys are playing less minutes and those minutes are against opposing bottom 6s most of the time. If the bottom 6 guys were to play more minutes they would be on for more shots against results in a lower corsi%</div></div>

No I agree. Like scheifele is still the jets best player. DeMelo and Ehlers are very good as well as they were playing alot and are the best players for advanced numbers in there repective positions on the team. Laine and Connor while having insane shooting talent are a overatted. Guys like Josh have been carrying the defence all year and his numbers have suffered because of it. Next year I expect that the advanced numbers are going to look better for this team.