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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>burla13. As a Leaf fan, I'm happy with their record too. It sure looks like old time 80s hockey (without the fights). Very entertaining.
Maybe Gauthier, Leivo and Ennis have found their niche. They were outstanding last night in their fourth line role. Kept the Stars in hemmed in their zone consistenly. I'm not so concerned about the Leafs defensive play at all. Sure it can get better, but most teams have problems early in the better. Thought Ozzie looked good last night. If the Dmen aren't good enough, the Leafs do have assets to trade if necessary.</div></div>

Agreed. I think people need to respect the cap more with the new makeup of the team. this PP oldest player is 27, they could theoretically be PP1 for 5-7 years depending on Kadri and Tavares deterioration with age. As much as I would love Parayko, I think Cap space is better so if they filled a roster spot and had 2 future picks in the first round that could come in in 3 years, that is how you have high paid elite talent stay, by having cheap skilled players in the farm. They already have an elite AHL team and now they want to stock their ECHL team. The Leafs can spot fill holes with low slary players, I think there is a reason that Holl and Goat both have 2 year deals, because combined they take up only 1.5 mil which saves cap.

If they trade Nylander for future players and next years cap space, I would be okay with that move. More time for PP1, which is 5/10 in 4 games. That is insane. They NHL is trending with analytics to a deflection and empty net PP, which is why the Leafs score so easily it seems. They had 25% last year and now they have Tavares. Sorry Willy, you are not an 8mil dollar player. I don't even know if he plays on the third line because of defensive liability. If they traded him for Simmons and 2 firsts I would be fine with that.
Johnsson/Lindholm-Kadri-Simmons (shutdown/forcheck/draw penalties line)
Ennis-Goat/Lindholm-Brown (Kill 10 mins line, let Matty and John rest)

This team would not only win a playoff series, they would be awful to play and matchup against.
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