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Thread: Karlsson
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juice</b></div><div>There's all kinds of ridiculous going on in this thread.

1. Please stop thinking about Karlsson. An $11m d-man in not in the foreseeable future. Melnyk would demand the leafs overpay and it just won't be worth it.

2. Stop trading Marleau. He has a full NMC clause and just uprooted his family to come here. Only way I see his contract coming off the books is if he retires after this year and the leafs trade his cap hit along with a pick or prospect to a cap floor team

3. Cap Hell. C'mon. Cap hell is when you have a team riddled with past-their-prime veterans on expensive, long-term contracts and you're up against the cap ceiling. There isn't a single player on the leaf roster that would be difficult to trade. If anything, it's an enviable position to be in to have so many assets that you get to pick and choose which ones make the most sense to move forward with.

4. Trying to assume what the RFA's will sign for now is fools game. We know for sure that Marner and Matthews played integral roles in getting Tavares signed. Is it possible Dubas &amp; Co. had a conversation with their big RFA's about a willingness to sign for a bit less to fit everyone in? Sure. Is it possible that Matthews is going to demand McDavid money and Marner will want north of $10m? Sure. It's wait and see now....but in any event, I don't think adding another big contract is the answer.</div></div>

True about them not wanting to trade him to Toronto
Which is why I made it a sit up and listen trade offer
There gonna want a good D prospect why I added Liliagren
Gardiner is addition by subtraction too many giveaways
With Karlsson we don't lose that offensive flair Gardiner does bring

I highly doubt I'm off by much on Matthews at 11 + Marner at 8