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Everyone expects a guy taken in the top 3 to become Mcdavid or Matthews, but that is not a common thing for most prospects. I consider both to moving along fine. Laf is showing sign that he has arrived playing on the 1st line of late. Kakko is currently injured, however when healthy he plays strong on the wall, the points will come ideally I see him as a perfect compliment to panarin, and before he got hurt they were playing together a bit.

The lack of points could be for a variety of reasons. Usage for one- Kakko and Laf have not really seen a great amount of top 6 minutes or PP1 time. The PP time though is hard to argue when the Rangers powerplay is clicking like it is as a top 5 unit. And the fact that both are still very young and this is truly their first full real NHL season. A positive sign for Laf is that he scores at 5v5 and has been improving this year looking like he is coming into his own.

The easy and lazy thing to do is to call them busts. To say that either are on the same level as Matthews or McDavid is delusional as well. I think they are both high quality young forwards that will be top 6 players for a their careers. Laf to this point has "shown" more in terms of recent success, but I really like Kakko's game personally.

I am more of a glass half full fan when it comes to both of them. There are quite a few Ranger fans that can be impatient and fatalistic when it comes to prospects. With these two I want to see where they are at by age 23. Give them until then to be comfortable and fully grown. Though this current team is in desperate need of depth at forward, and I will be curious to see what happens at the deadline. I would stay away from moving Laf or Kakko by any means necessary, and trade draft picks and other prospects to acquire the necessary firepower. Hope my ramblings helped.