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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>alwaysnextyear</b></div><div>A few comments:
1) If they can pull off a trade like that they should absolutely do it; cap space is way more vital for VAN in 2021 than it is this year.

2) Not sure Benning has the choice on the 1st round pick. Unless I'm mistaken I think if they win the play-in round and make the playoffs the pick automatically goes to NJD, and if they lose to MIN they automatically keep this year's pick and send Jersey the 2021 1st. Of course they could always trade 1st's with the Devils, but why give up the 2020 pick if they miss the playoffs? Even with the roster you've built here I think there's just as good of a chance for them to squeak into the playoffs as they had this past year (well, depending on the goaltending).

3) I agree with the general theme of the post in not spending big dollars this year. The only exception I might take is in net. I think they'll definitely try to re-sign Markstrom, and if they can use Demko to get rid of one of Eriksson, Roussel, or Beagle's contracts then all the better. If Marky can be signed at a decent cap hit then it probably makes the most sense to do so. Going the tandem route with Demko/Greiss will save a bit of money this season, but then Demko will need a fairly hefty raise in 2021 if he plays at a starter's caliber, so there's really not a lot to be gained cap-wise there.</div></div>

yea the pick is contingent on playoff qualification.

i like this trade too, Gaudette at 4 million for 6 years is i big gamble though i think. it would be great to have him locked up for the 3C position but maybe at 3, or 3.5 for 3 or 4 years would be a bit safer.
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