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Thread: Isnt it time
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Thread: Isnt it time
Trust me, I've looked at this team for a long time and have periods where I doubt our top guys and think it's time to move on from them. What I'd say is ask yourself, does the team you just created look better than the Flyers lineup now? Personally, I'd say no.

Giroux will probably be here for life, personally that's what I think. When his contract is up, I think the team will still be a contender and he will resign at a lower cap hit than he is previously at to allow the young guys to get their payday and keep the team together.

Couturier is our number one center, trust me, don't trade this man, he is good. I think he is hurt because something looks off about him in these playoffs.

Voracek I find is streaky, yet he is our best player in the playoffs so far. If we were to trade anyone, I'd trade Jake. Love the guy, but if we could get something half decent in return and clear the cap, do it.

JvR, see ya buddy. Can't wait for expansion.

NaK is solid, keep this guy. Same with Raffl. Low cap hits and they are some of our best contributors as of late.

I hate to say this, but I'm getting extremely impatient on Nolan Patrick. If nothing happens next year, time to give up.

Trade Ghost, bring up Frost (maybe the new 3C), Zamula/York coming up soon, Friedman deserves a shot at D.

Make a big signing in free agency (Piet?).

Have faith, this team has the pieces but they're just lacking something. Once they find it, they will be good. Besides, they're part of the final 8 for a reason.

(Btw, both MTL and NYI are great defensively. Won't be easy series').
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