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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dzad96</b></div><div>You're not getting Marner.

My point is there isn't a single team that has all of these traits:

1) The Cap space to pay Marner 11+ million a season
2) The willingness to spend 11+ million a season on Marner (a winger Id like to point out)
3) The draft picks to do so.
4) A place where Marner would like to live for the next 7 years.
5) A team Marner would like to play on for the next 7 years.
6) A GM who actually has the balls to do something like this and pi$$ off the richest team in hockey.

here's what Philly is lacking: 1, after that MORONIC Hayes contract. Only reason you have any cap space is that Voracek trade, which i can't see happening.
4 and 5, can't see Marner choosing Philly over Toronto for a couple more dollars.</div></div>

I couldn't agree more with your Marner point, there's no way Philly gets him. However, the last team to be talking about cap space right now should be the Leafs... You have $13.5M to sign Marner, Kap, Johnsson, 3 defenceman and a 4th line center. Even if you manage to bring up kids to fill some of these roles, that brings the cap hit down to ~$10M, with Kap, Johnsson and Marner all still not signed. In order to make it work for the Leafs, one of Kap and Johnsson needs to go, as both are considering bridge deals around $3.5M, meaning your cap just went down to $5M without Marner signed. Not to be a jerk, but the Leafs are in trouble man... in dire need of moving a few more players to try and sign all these guys.

Also, COL has the ability to do this just to point out a team... and the NYR are the richest team in hockey.