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Have played hockey all my life. Even played a bit in the WHL.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gofnut999</b></div><div>Didn’t say they would. I just answered your previous question.

Most marketable UFAs get traded in their last year. Cup contenders tend to hold onto them. Jets have a valuable commodity who is not happy there, is not going to sign long term, is just biding his time. They will get as much out of him as they can and then trade him to replenish. Just business.

Fans are over reactionary by nature. They see an issue like this and want it fixed yesterday. No patience. Jets are not in any hurry to make the move but they will make it eventually. Won’t be this year unless he becomes a problem in the locker room.</div></div>

That statement "most marketable UFAs get traded in their last year" is not true. non playoff teams trade upcoming ufas but not from playoff contenders. playoff contenders are the ones acquiring upcoming ufas.
trouba might be traded but only for similar immediate help for the cup hopeful jets, but not because he is a upcoming ufa. jets are a strange situation next year. cup hopefuls but need cap space. rhd myers is a ufa and one year left at about 5.75m rhd trouba.
here's a suggestion. sign myers that helps your rhd. trade trouba and some not some good cap like little or perrault to the same team. return may not be great but you got the cap space for laine, connor and more.

by all reports there is not a locker room problem with trouba at all. he's a big boy, when he signed his contract with the jets he knew he was under their control for at least seven years.
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