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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Canoehead</b></div><div>Kuat sounds like a solid player.

<strong>Wheeler (The Athletic, Jan 21, 2022):
</strong>5. Martin Kaut, RW, 22 (Colorado Avalanche/Colorado Eagles)

At this point, we know what Kaut is. He’s a diligent 200-foot player who works from below his goal line and above the puck to support the play and help guide it in the right direction. For what he lacks in talent, he makes up for in the way he plays. He’s a versatile two-way forward who tracks back consistently, uses his 6-foot-2 frame effectively in board battles and puck protection, and plays to the interior with and without the puck. But average foot speed and skill have always limited his upside, forcing him to play smarter and harder than the opposition to be successful. He’s at his best retrieving pucks and pushing play to the middle lane as a utility player for more talented linemates. At the AHL level, he has begun to become more of a driver and top-of-the-lineup type. At the NHL level, he’s going to top out as a reliable bottom-six guy.

<strong>Pronman (The Athletic, Sep 21, 2021):
</strong>8. Martin Kaut, RW, Colorado-AHL

Oct. 2, 1999 | 6-foot-2 | 176 pounds

Drafted: No. 16 in 2018

Tier: Projected to play NHL games

Skating: Below-average
Puck Skills: Average
Hockey Sense: Average
Compete: Average

Kaut was a near point per game player in his third AHL season and got a few games with the Avs. He has offensive talent, he can make plays and he can score goals in the hard areas. He’s not going to run people over, but he works hard off the puck and can force pressure on opponents. The skill and particularly his speed won’t pop, but he does have enough flashes of puck skills to think he can create at the NHL level. I wavered between giving his skating average or below-average, it may depend on the night I see him, but given I leaned to the latter I think he’s more likely a bottom-six forward in the NHL who plays every day.</div></div>

The NHL comparable for Kauts ceiling is probably Donskoi. Just a good middle 6 winger who is responsible defensively, can PK, and had a decent shot who can score you a few goals
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