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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>I beg to differ. Respectfully.

Your statement that "it has been proven it only takes 1-2 years to turn around a franchise" implies that this is a straightforward task that should the standard outcome. I would like to know what teams you think were "turned around" in the last decade -- positively. (My hangdog Kings were turned around, all right, but not in the direction I'd hoped.) I think the more common outcome (in any professional sport) of rebuilding efforts is modest improvement unless and until a bolt from the blue pushes the team forward (like getting to draft Sidney Crosby). Canadian fans have been waiting years for Edmonton and Vancouver to become relevant, and the Coyotes franchise is the Ottoman Empire of the NHL. From the outside, Botterill seems to me to have done a pretty good job. Even the Radar O'Reilly trade may turn out better if Thompson and Montour improve to their hoped-for potential.

Yes, you should "demand more," but the patience for which gerowrj16 is asking is to be satisfied with contending for the playoffs this year. I sure would be happy for that from my local Ducks, but I have NO hope that this is a reasonable expectation for my Kings.

Idle thought: if Botterill manages to move Ristolainen somewhere for a 2020 first-round pick, and maybe adds a second-rounder too (even if it means exchanging a few lower ones), you should be able to fill a chartered bus to spend a nice June weekend in Montreal having a great time cheering your lungs out in an enemy arena.</div></div>

Fair points. I didn't mean to come off to harsh but the reality is in today's NHL teams typically do not go 8 years without making the playoffs at least once. Especially when you include the new lottery draft format. The Sabres haven't even come close to the playoffs and that's the problem.

For example:

2015-2016 Leafs. Finished 30th, won lottery; next year made playoffs.

2016-2017 Devils. Finished 27th, won lottery; next year made playoffs.

2017-2018 Sabres. Finished 31st, won lottery; next year finished 27th

It doesn't take years and years like it used to if you have a competent front office.
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