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Thread: Eichel trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>corsiagainst</b></div><div>The Sabres literally wanted Power to go back to school. There is no point for him being here next year. They are trying to lose again. It is so short sighted to believe this is a slight against the Sabres. If the Sabres truly wanted him in the lineup next year he would be here.

Power will play the year in Michigan, log big minutes, play in every situation on a stacked team and go to World Juniors. Then after the NCAAs he will sign at the end of the season and get a few games in this year. Barring injury you will see Power in a sabres uni before the end of the year.

I get he's 1st overall and it may not seem normal, but then again what has normal been lately? no fans, covid, shortened season etc. We are not in normal times. Also, see Makar, Hughes, Werenski all as recent examples on D-man who went back to college after being drafted (Makar is somewhat of an outlier because he was drafted out of jrs.)

As far as the trade above goes, you would have to change the 2023 to a 2022 1st and include Svechkov to get the conversation started.</div></div>

Yea I get Buffalo wants to maximize its return trust me I do but I wouldn’t give up to much more than what I offered because of the health question marks. You might get a team to bite and give up a top elite prospect and 22 1st and that will be great for you guys I was just saying this is the most I would give up because of the ? marks and the fact that a lot teams might not want to put 10 million on their cap and give up a lot and Eichel not came back the same. There is definitely a risk there
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