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-As the Sabres fan upthread said, I don't think they move on from Krebs. I get that you probably want more out of him at this point, but he's got solid underlying numbers for a 4th liner spending most of his time with Kyle Okposo and Zemgus Girgensons. He's probably out of place as a center in the long-term, but I think Buffalo has enough rope to work with him going forward.

-I don't think the value is awful here, maybe a little light, but I don't think the Rangers move on from Kakko for anything short of an overpay. At some point the rubber has to hit the road though - his underlying numbers look great, but how much of that is from spending most of his 5v5 time with Chris Krieder and Mika Zibenajad?

-Wahlstrom needs less of a change of scenery and more of a coach who'll just say damn the torpedoes and let him be an offensive player. He has a heavy shot and has shown solid pts/60 numbers throughout his career yet he has never been given more than 4th line minutes (career TOI of 12:02 with a peak of 12:23 in the bubble season - not coincidentally, his best season to date.) He's spent most of his 5v5 time this year with JG Pageau and Anders Lee, so it's not like he's really being given the best chance to succeed.

Hell, maybe they *should* trade him. I'd want to focus maybe more on defensive depth than a guy like Ylonen, who's not much different than a dozen guys that the Isles have in the org already (Fasching, Gauthier, Kuhlman, Thompson, Koivula, MacLean, I can go on and on and on.) The lack of D depth has been exposed recently - they have a solid top 6 but one guy going down really weakens them and two guys going down means Grant Hutton is getting legitimate NHL minutes. If I was working on that type of trade with the Habs, I would maybe keep the draft pick the same but sub in a guy like Mattias Norlinder or Gustav Lindstrom instead.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jets12Kozy</b></div><div>Salo is shutting down top lines in the SHL at 19 years old.</div></div>

Change "SHL" to "Liiga" and you're describing Robin Salo, who was drafted #46 after his age-19 season. He's played 31 NHL games to date, and it's been almost a full calendar year since his last appearance.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jets12Kozy</b></div><div>Lucuis has looked filthy everywhere hes played <strong>barring injury</strong>.</div></div>

Emphasis mine. Lucius is back on the ice now, but for how long? I don't doubt the talent, but he's had an inauspicious start to his professional career.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jets12Kozy</b></div><div>A "proven commodity" on pace for 0 goals and 11 assists this season, Boqvist was a dime per dozen mobile Dman putting up ok numbers on the pp.</div></div>

What Boqvist is doing now is hardly relevant to how his value was perceived at the time of the trade. When he was traded, he was 21 years old and had already been given playoff minutes and been trusted to be the PP QB on a team that still had Duncan Keith. Acting like he wasn't a desirable trade chip after the 2020-21 season because he's struggling in the 2023-24 season is revisionist history.

I also stressed the proven commodity idea because the Islanders have *not* proven all that well at developing mid &amp; lower-tier prospects. Going back to 2016 (so all of Lou's drafts + the 2 years before that, since those were all U21s that the Lamoriello regime inherited &amp; developed), the Islanders have had a grand total of 4 players drafted after the 2nd round (out of a potential 33) actually appear in the NHL. And even though they've had 9 of their 13 1st+2nd rounders get NHL time in that span, the general consensus is that any player not named Noah Dobson has been a bit of a letdown. This is why, if I'm entertaining the thought of trading the only draft success story this team has had since Mat Barzal, I would be looking for something more concrete than guys with red flags like Lucius and Salomonsson.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ht42</b></div><div>I belive that Allen can be traded easily for a 3rd round pick with a 50% retention.</div></div>

It's a copycat league, and any GM in the league is going to want to have a recent trade to point at to justify their asking price. I just don't think there's anything out there that justifies someone giving up a 3rd rounder to take 2x$1.9M of Jake Allen on board.

Keep in mind that since the beginning of last season Jake Allen has played in 52 games with an .893 SV% and 3.59 GAA, while having a quality start less than half the time he's gone out there, when you look at these recent trades involving a team paying a 3rd rounder or more for a goalie:

-Casey DeSmith to VAN for Tanner Pearson &amp; a 3rd: DeSmith had 1x$1.8M left on his deal when this trade was made, and in the two seasons prior to the trade had a .908 SV% and 3.01 GAA in 64 appearances. I don't think anyone here would argue that the draft pick cost was juiced by the fact that the Canucks sent back Pearson's 1x$3.25M deal, though.

-Erik Portillo's signing rights to LA for a 3rd: Buffalo picked Portillo in the 3rd round in 2019 and would have lost him this past summer since he was unlikely to sign there. Not a good comp for Allen.

-CBJ gets Jonathan Quick/1st/3rd for Joonas Korpisalo and Vladislav Gavrikov: Hard to parcel out exactly what value Korpisalo added to this deal - he was performing better than Quick was last season, and had a better cap hit, but I'd argue the main get for the Kings as Gavrikov. Hard to make a direct comp to a potential Allen trade here.

-Vitek Vanecek's RFA rights and #46OA for #37OA &amp; #70OA: Vanecek was 26 years old and had put up a .908 SV% with a 2.67 GAA over 79 games in Washington before the trade and was seen as on the upswing of his career at the time of the trade. Jersey gave up a 3rd rounder and moved back from 37 to 46 in this trade, which value-wise works out to an early 4th rounder.

-Ville Husso's RFA rights to Detroit for #73OA: Another 26 year old goalie traded in his RFA years - Husso had put up a .912 SV% with a 2.67 GAA over 57 games in St. Louis before the Wings traded for him.

-Alex Georgiev's RFA rights to Colorado for a 3rd/3rd/5th package: Georgiev was a year younger than Vanecek &amp; Husso and had a .901 SV% and 2.85 GAA over 52 games with the Rangers the two years before the trade.

-Scott Wedgewood to DAL for a 3rd: Back to a veteran goalie, at least - though Wedgewood was only making $825K at the time of the trade and, going back to the start of the prior season, had put up a .906 SV% and 3.14 GAA in 45 games split between the Coyotes and Devils.

-Daniel Vladar to CGY for a 3rd: The Flames paid up for potential here, as Vladar only had 5 NHL regular season games under his belt at this point and hadn't looked good - but he had pushed a .930 SV% in the AHL the prior two seasons.

That brings us back to the beginning of the 2021 offseason - I think that's enough recent history to show that every goalie traded straight up for a 3rd was significantly younger, cheaper, or better than Allen has been for the Habs.

If you have any trade comps that you think can back that up tho, I'm willing to hear them out.
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