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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Im trying to drive step 1/2 in to his skull given how very different Jarvis and Caufields last 12-13 months has been
Then we go back to him coming into a dead team sparking a top line and finishing top 3 team scoring in a SCF
When people dont listen you have to drive the point home over and over

I keep seeing these people overvaluing complete trash while trying to give away legit talent on this site.
Trying to tell me Jarvis = Caufield will provoke a rebate 10/10 just like me saying Suzuki = Matthews would and should</div></div>

From pure production standpoint: Caufield has 48 points in 77 regular season GP at this point in his career. Jarvis had 40 points in 67 GP this season. In a vacuum, I'd pick Caufield over Jarvis too, but the value is a lot closer between those two guys than between Suzuki &amp; Matthews. I think it comes down to personal preference in playstyle - Jarvis is a playmaker, Caufield is a finisher. But if I woke up tomorrow and saw there was a trade package based around Caufield for Jarvis, I wouldn't look at it as "oh man one side got FLEECED".

But, I think it was said elsewhere in this thread, no GM in their right mind would make this trade to begin with. Trading 1st round picks after each of them has basically a rookie season's worth of games under their belt is tying your entire career's fortune to that guy you're trading for - if he becomes a star, you're a genius! But if the guy you traded away becomes a better player? Hooo boy, pack your bags buddy, you're outta here.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JaredOfLondon</b></div><div>that's just it though. Holl may be unsexy as you say, but he certainly isnt over paid or best suited to the bottom pair. He's a middle as middle can be defender that is pretty much what every team but half a dozen max have on their 2nd pair. He isnt spectacular at anything but he's solid defensively, can put up points if used as such and reasonably versatile. He got all the blame when Muzzin was hurt and recovering for being the bad one on the pair despite putting up the better numbers.
The funniest thing is that if he threw a big body check or crosschecked guys more (and took more penalties) everyone who hates him would think he was amazing without him changing any other aspect of his game</div></div>

I think I leaned third pair for him because he reminds me a lot of Scott Mayfield on the Isles - both bigger dudes (6'4", 211 for Holl and 6'5", 220 for Mayfield) that are somewhat physical (each gets credit for about 1-1.5 hits per game) but not a crazy Kronwall-type hitter. Mayfield is another guy who's probably better than half the league's RD2s but is RD3 on the Isles behind Pulock &amp; Dobson - but that's the kind of depth a contender is going to *want*. If you can have a second pair guy on the third pair because you're top 4 is that good? You've got playoff aspirations, baby, and someone's gonna give up an okay asset for Holl because of that.

The only thing I think that can depress his value is if GMs really start smelling blood in the water over the Leafs' cap situation - that's why Kerfoot probably gets moved (they're $1.5M over right now, trading Kerfoot clears $3.5M with 13 forwards signed, then sign Sandin for under $2M and call it a day) (maybe find a better minimum contract guy than Kyle Clifford or Joey Anderson tho)
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