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Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsMay 12 at 10:38 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rhea</b></div><div>Lol OK champ. Want to recap? OK fine. I said all around player, I said regular season and supported everything with stats, which you ignored. I ever disproved what you with stats - again nothing.

This thread has nothing at all to do with that though, you decided to come in here and take personal shots at me, based on something that had nothing to do with you and yapping about something I didn't say anyway.

I ended the argument many time and you wouldn't let it go. When I finally said screw it and stopped responding to your personal shots, I guess you couldn't take the rejection and followed me over here...again with something that had nothing to do with you. 99% of people on here say much worse than you "think" I said based on your lack of comprehension skills, but do you jump in to "protect" them? No, just me and you call me the loser? No offience, man, bur you are not worth the time it takes to type.

Lol get a life man, feel free to respond like you always do because you cant seem to let anything go. Might be time to grow up a wee bit kid so go somewhere else for the last word that you can't see to live without. 🙂</div></div>

once again i cant even be bothered to read your twisted crap,you like to pass on as facts.but telling someone they havent got a clue,after you argued with me for a week ,about how much better matthews was than draistl.proves who hasnt really got a clue.for anyone who wants to read,about how knowleable rhea is,its called if the leafs and oilers go out in the first round.bye bye rhea.
Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsMay 12 at 1:12 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rhea</b></div><div>Lol a more "complete game" and I never said far better, my obsessive little friend. I see youre resorting to the childish comments again, looks good on you man...yet you talk about credibility. 🤔 Oddly enough people say a lot worse than I do around here but you never pipe up, just to me because I hurt your feelings I guess.

And you might want to read again. I said he has no clue if he is leaving or not and you know what? Nobody else does either and that is a fact you can't argue...unless you hang out with him. A little different than calling someone clueless, apparently only you did that...yet you call me out and pretend I did too.

Since you seem to have some kind of weird crush on me, so I guess I'll see you soon with some "cool" reply. I can't wait.🤗

You are good for a laugh my friend, I'll give you that.</div></div>

i couldnt even read your full comment,your so full of crap.but i do know for sure,you clearly argued with me for about a week that matthews was a better player than draistl.but its good to see your backtracking now to say,you just said complete game.i guess if you call choking in the playoffs a complete game.so even you now realize matthews isnt even close and just overhyped.but i dont waste my time with people that cant admit when there wrong,and resort to twisting the truth.so anybody who would be bothered to see whos telling the truth,go back and read what rhea said about matthews for draistl.i am saying bye now because the last time,you said bye 4 times before you would finally leave me alone.wow what a loser.
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