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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>Let me just correct the record here.
Russell better than Johnson is very debatable. Personally I'd rather have neither. But at least I know JJ can play better when he doesn't have to spend 4/5 of the year on his off side.
Rust is not replaced. Odds are low Rust is being moved. The more likely player moved is Hornqvist. Rust fits exactly the way they want to play.
ZAR being injury prone is laughable. Missing a month for breaking his hand on someone's head isn't "injury prone"
Jarry will be traded not waived.

I don't know where people get these ideas from.</div></div>

Thanks for the reply, seems like it's fair to say 'I think' when it comes to a personal opinion.

Think Russell is basically better to have on this team for 2 years than JJ for 4. Or just buyout one I guess.

Hornqvist for your notice has a NTC contract @5.3M till 2023 when he'll be a 36y power-forward. I'd like to hear a case scenario from you when he's moved. I'd appreciate that as I cannot imagine this.

ZAR has had a concussion and with the way he plays I'd be very hopeful that incident was the single one. I liked when he was attached to Malkin and Kessel but would propose he'll be a bottom forward here because right now there are other wingers with the more advanced skillset (Kahun, Galchenuk). On the other side there are a lot of young wingers in WBS making ZAR expendible. I like Rus as well as you but see him as a valuable asset other parties could be interested in and we could replace with less problems.

As for Puljuyarvi I'd say that proposing JJ for JP is either trolling or being a silly proposal. Rather keep JP than accept a cap dump for 4 years. JP has shown skills on a Laine-Aho-Puljuyarvi line but Edmonton used him in a limited role of bottom 6 for 13 mins. If you say a 4th rounder nothing I'd be OK with that bc many team will take a chance to gamble on him for that price.

Last. Jarry has to be waived to play in AHL or they will be stuck with 3 goalies. I would say there are not a lot of teams in need of an unproven backup goaile (Jarry) to trade for. I can guess San Jose and Calgary maybe (better have an experienced good backup for a projected playoffs team). Can you propose your version of a trade? I'll counter PJ for Jarry by now.
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