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Thread: Kapanen
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I don't think Kapanen is nearly as good in his own end as ZAR. He doesn't have the grit for it.
ZAR's got a pair, he's willing to throw the weight around, drop the gloves, and play you hard. One does not replace the other.

Kapanen is just fast. I'm not saying I don't like bringing that speed in. But not at the cost of losing the things that make the team a complete team that's hard to play against.
I'd rather dump out a player like Simon or Chucky or Jugs and get that over with. Some pieces are easier to move off the team without screwing up the team than others.
Even if they aren't high priced players.

But since we are talking about Chucky, I mean honestly, don't you get the feeling like he's playing not to get hurt?
He's no where to be found away from the puck. He only wants to score a point and get off the ice. I know he's had that knock against him before, but at least he was visible before which is why he looked like a decent player.
But now.......no where to be found. Like he can't risk injury prior to signing a contract.</div></div>

There’s a lot to unpack with him but I think the big thing is that Galchenyuk is playing like a man with no confidence right now and it makes sense due to all the issues that went on in Montreal and his time in Arizona only amounting to a short fling. Now he’s in Pittsburgh with one year left on his deal probably knowing that a huge year prices him out of Pittsburgh’s plans. I also believe that he hasn’t found the right position for him yet because he levitates towards the right side of the ice. We saw during the short time he played with Sid that if he gets his timing down on his one-timer that he could probably be one hell of a right winger.
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Thread: Kapanen