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Thread: Adding a RW
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>Kovalchuk has 0 ability to effect 5v5 play. Those days are long gone. 7 games in MTL and 1 goal. Not much different than his pace in LA. He's not a top line winger anymore. He's done in this league.

It's a pretty unimpressive list isn't it. I mean especially for what teams want to ask for.
The cap going forward is such a huge issue. Marino is probably going to get 6+ on a long term deal. If he plays this way next year it's an 8 year deal they are looking at.
Get him through his prime and at a cap hit that's managable. But the issue for that is they won't have the cap space if they blow it on a winger this year or next without moving someone out other than jugs and chucky, who I already assume is out the door.
1.5 million on the cap this year, maybe 2 next. If you got to pay him out 6+ going forward, you are looking at needing at a minimum 3 million in cap space to spare. They got no one coming off the books really because they probably need to move Jugs before next year,, blueger and ZAR probably get a raise.

There simply isn't cap. Why put the team in a huge bind for unimpressive.

They need to make a swindle trade like they did with FL last year. Get a good young fast player who will fit the system.
I just don't know who they could grab to do that. But I think if they are going to find a RW that's what really needs to happen, or possibly play the two rookies. They can play 9 games each.</div></div>

I feel like this is what happens every year though...fans of rebuilding teams will always want the entire world and more for their guys and it’ll be like throwing a stone at a glass house if you disagree with their viewpoint.

If I’m Pittsburgh I’m using the Sam Girard contract as a comparable when Marino is ready to negotiate (7yrs/$35M).

The only way I’ve been successfully working Zucker into the cap is by giving MIN a mega package centered around Jugs and JJ to get Zucker and Brad Hunt but even then why waste the extra assets to make that happen?
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