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Jan 8, 2016
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Dec 18, 1984
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Forum: Armchair-GMJan 30 at 6:05
Forum: Armchair-GMJan 6 at 9:19
so im going to try and do my usual, instead of "wings pass" ill explain my actual thoughts instead of just crapping on everything you did here,

I do agree, the sharks trade with kane is really lop sided in the sharks favor, i do think Preds would want kane, but giving up that is too much, re work it and im sure there might be a fit here.

The wings trade is a little strange, neither guy has really played any time in the NHL have they? I dont know too much about them, but i actually think the wings might have interest in a couple high producing swedes, but considering ones 27 and again neither have proven anything in the NHL i doubt a 2nd+4th works, maybe a single 3rd? Yzerman hasnt really shed any higher picks for prospects, but again maybe theres a deal here just doubtful a 2nd is inc,

lastly the PK subban trade is i think a good idea even tho i doubt the sharks would want to part with karlsson and admit his contract is too high, PK hasnt worked out many places since leaving Montreal, but he is much better than people give him credit for, and Karlsson is obviously amazing, but his contract doesnt exactly fit what he produces IMO (i think 11 is crazy high) but so is subban even at 9?.. so maybe there is a deal there? but i dont think it would be a 1st from NJ only because they may draft pretty high again this next year,

this is a tough one to make work and have people not trash it (which is always every single trade) but i think san jose needs to change things up and NJ would be very willing to move PK for Karlsson
Forum: Armchair-GMJan 5 at 8:41
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caerii</b></div><div>I have no issue with Wings fans not wanting to give up their 2nd for him. The issue is when your reasons are things like "it's taken 5 years for him to make the NHL and his ceiling is as a 3rd liner, so because he weas a 2nd round pick, he's only worth a 3rd". That's nonsensical, it's not rooted in reality.

Look at players like Anthony Mantha and Tyler Bertuzzi who didn't make it into the NHL full time until 4-5 years after their draft, and they went on to improve on their rookie seasons. Another past Red Wings pick, Tomas Tatar, took 5 years to become a full time NHLer, and he's having some of his best seasons in his late 20s. it's absolutely ridiculous to cap Greenway as a third liner at this point.

Again, saying YOU wouldn't give up more than a 3rd for him is entirely fair, but your justification is scuffed, and the fact that you're basing it off of a very minimal amount of time spent watching him makes it even worse. I'll be honest, I watched exactly 2 Red Wings games last season. I find it hard to believe you watched any more Wild games than that.</div></div>

First off i said typically, it isnt impossible for a second round pick to take that long and be a top 6 guy, theres obviously hall off famers selected super late, anything is possible,

Second off, Holland was notorious for keeping guys buried for FAR too long, so Mantha and the other guys you referred to likely would have made into the NHL far faster had they not been drafted by Detroit

Lastly, Mantha specifically even when he did get to the Bigs, he wasnt so hot and there were MANY rumors he would / should be traded for 2nd / 3rd round or other B level prospects, obviously im happy to not have done that but his value AT THAT TIME, was exactly that.. what he was doing, so why would a team give up a 1st round pick for a guy that was drafted 5-6 years ago and hasnt proven he can compete for a top 6 role rather than just taking another chance on a guy they want in their own draft choice?

so im referring to Greenway based on where he is today, not next year, not 3 years from now,

could he eventually turn into a top 6? Maybe, i dont personally think so.. but the Wild are welcome to hang on to him and see where he pans out, again they could likely see him snagged by Seattle, he could continue to be exactly what weve seen, which IN MY OPINION is a 3rd line power forward, which to some teams would be worth a 2nd rounder, for the wings, a 3rd, and some of that is based on where we draft

and for the record, i probably watched 6-8 Wild games last year, which isnt a lot, but im certain i cant be the only person who doesnt see an allstar in the making.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan 5 at 7:03