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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Oshie's tied for 60th in points in the NHL today with William Nylander, Roope Hintz, Tyler Toffoli, Clayton Keller, and Zach Hyman. He's on pace for a 62 point season, if there were 82 games. He's also the best faceoff guy in the Caps' top-six, and he plays both special teams. His remaining salary averages $4.9M/year, so even if he slips to 40-50 points, it's fairly reasonable, to a team with cap space that wants a leader.

If the Caps can convince any team to give Oshie and his 4.9M remaining average salary a shot at 5.75M cap hit, then after trading Vrana and Hagelin, they have more than enough cap space for Laine's QO, provided Ovechkin and Samsonov don't get much of a raise. But the above trade is a loss for Washington.

Since the 2018 offseason. Vrana has scored 41% more even strength goals than Laine. Vrana has seven times as many even strength playoff points as Laine, seven to one, career. He's played more games, but not seven times more games. Laine's QO is 166% higher than Vrana's. Under a flat cap, Vrana for Laine is confusing.

Van Riemsdyk and Hagelin are pretty good at defense and penalty killing and have won Stanley Cups in Chicago and Pittsburgh. They have some trade value. Maybe not a lot, but some. I mean, Hagelin's corsi and points/60 are the same as Foligno's this year, and Jackets fans want a 1st for Foligno at twice Hagelin's cap hit. So Hagelin alone should be worth more than a 1st to Columbus? I agree. Take Vrana out of this and throw in Panik or Oshie.

Lapierre is arguably the Caps' best prospect, since he was widely hyped as a top-10 guy for last year's draft until a scary neck injury let him fall to wherever the Caps picked. This year he came back and played his team's full season, scoring 1.5 points per game. He's back on track to be a top six center and the main piece in a Laine trade, along with a 1st and a roster player or two.

Vrana for Laine is fair. Hagelin, Lapierre, and a 1st for Laine is fair. This is a fair trade for two Laines. Does Columbus have another one?</div></div>

Again, I’d take this trade for Laine, FWIW.

And re: Oshie, it’s not that he isn’t productive right now, it’s that he’s 34 and signed for five more seasons. If I’m SEA, I’d love to have him, but practically, my concern isn’t his productivity as a 34 year old, it’s his productivity as a 37, 38, and 39 year old. He might be tied for 60th in points, but even those guys you cited are all, what, on average a decade younger than him?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like CBJ bribing VGK to take Clarkson, but I’m not certain SEA decides to do WSH a favor and just pluck Oshie without something coming back, probably.
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