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Forum: Dallas StarsSep. 28, 2022 at 3:44 p.m.
Diehard Stars fan here. See below.

1. Where will Dallas finish in the ranking? I think they're getting a bump from a coaching change and think Marchment adds some spice to the Top 6. My prediction is still 3rd/4th in the Central, fighting for a WC with St Louis (half step back), Minnesota (half step back) and Nashville (half step up). I think they'll be a better team than last year and much more fun to watch, but that division is still a massive log jam in the middle.

2. What will most likely be the PP? Robertson, Hintz, Pavelski/Seguin, Marchment, Heiskanen

3. Who is likely to have a breakout year or who will surprise in terms of point production? Who is advantaged by the line combinations? Marchment and Gurianov. They are likely even to be line mates, either on the top line with Hintz or second line with Seguin. They compliment each other really well, Marchment as a physical puck hound with the speed to play against top lines and strong forecheck; and Gurianov as a finisher to operate in open space but needs to play with someone that will stand up physically and create that space for him.

4. Who is likely to have a bad year in point production? Benn. DeBoer's system is going to be tough for him to adjust to, and there's a situation where he ends up playing on the 4th line. Still think he can have an impact on the roster and be a good captain, but there's not the upside for him that Seguin has to gain from a new system. I also think Peterson will have a tough time is he's stuck on the 3rd line and potentially gets pushed out by Stankoven/Bourque/Johnston.

5. How many games each goalie is likely to play? 55ish for Oettinger, 25ish for Wedgewood.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug. 9, 2022 at 3:51 p.m.