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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FireShero</b></div><div>To be honest, I had a bad day and went off after hearing this for the first time latter in the day.

You seem to more positive about it, why are you happy with it? I get Subban is a great player and greatly improves the right hand side on D, but I feel it leaves the Devils with no defensive (and/ or physical) minded D-men.

Plus I am in minority but I was for trading Hall, since he seemed 50/50 on re-signing with the Devils and wanted to be on a winner. What happens if the Devils don't make the playoffs this year; is Hall going to ask for a trade. To me I just thought it would be better to trade Hall for a younger player and make the core even younger. I just think by trading for Subban the Devils are more of contenders now but the window, as of now, is 3 years until Subban's contract runs out and he will be 33.</div></div>

I am very happy with the move for Subban. He is our best Dman immediately. He will teach the youngsters. I do not believe the locker room cancer talk everyone says. He was LOVED in Montreal until he was traded, he was LOVED in Nashville until he was traded. Look at all of his work with charities and watch how much he does within Newark. The Devils are FAR away from cap problems and Subban's contract will not hurt them in the slightest. He was hurt last year and not playing as much. He will rebound back to form this year, I guarantee it. The Devils are contenders now, but they will remain contenders in the future, the ONLY thing they gave up of importance in this deal is the 34th pick, which is a crap shoot on if it pans out. Subban, Hughes, Nico, Ty Smith, and a healthy Hall, Will attract another key piece in free agency needed. Also, Subban can and does play physical, there are some nice videos out there of him laying people out, especially Brad "the rat" Marchand.

Sorry that I was a dick in my last post, was a few beers in.
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