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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JaredOfLondon</b></div><div>Well chariot is a big one, and he's awful. If you want a terrible defender to help tank you can sign one much cheaper than that. Husso is 27 with like a 20 game hot streak and copp is a hell of a contract to give a guy with his record.
Not to mention hanging on to rebuild assets like bert .
Yzerman looks like he's trying to get the team competitive as soon as possible and he's not doing a good job of it. This team will still stink and now it's got some big probable anchor contracts for no reason</div></div>

In a vacuum, I can see how you can convince yourself of those opinions.

Husso is the only goalie signed past this year. Ned will finish his contract and the team can decide to keep both, move one, etc based on how Cossa is developing. He'll likely need 1-2 yrs in the AHL anyway, so we're relatively safe in net until then with a couple younger netminders competing for the top spot.

Copp is paid fair for his production the past 3 years, without even considering that his defensive game is a primary asset. And if Kasper, Niederbach, or anyone else show up and push him from 2C, he has shown that he plays the wing well also.

The Bert/vaccination situation forced Yzerman's hand to keep him. His trade destinations were limited, but I can see them opening up now, if the team were to opt to move him. However, again, this situation needs further context: he's Larkin's closest teammate. You don't want to disgruntle Larkin by moving Bert when you're trying to get him to sign a long term deal.