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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Very doubtful Foote gets top 4 minutes initially. The team appears to believe Myers’ can get back to the way he played a couple of seasons ago, and until he shows he can’t, he’ll probably get a chance with Hedman. Serg was arguably their best dman in the playoffs, and they moved on from one of their worst performing dmen in McDonagh(although I figured he’d play one more year in Tampa, but then it may have cost the team assets to move). Until Bogo gets back, Myers should get a prominent role, and Cole and Fleury provide needed depth(not to mention Nick Perbix, who could also get a quick call up). On offense, while they could stack the top line until Cirelli returns, I’m guessing Stamkos will anchor line 2 with Killorn and one of Colton or Names. Hagel should have the chance to maximize his potential with Point and Kuch. Once Cirelli gets back, they’ll have the usual Point-Kuch and Citelli-Stamkos tandems, with the best other two options in the top 6 between Hagel, Killorn, Colton or Names(I guess Paul could get a top 6 spot as well but I figure he’ll be 3C then 3W after Cirelli returns). Team should be fine and if they can avoid major injuries in the playoffs, should have a good chance to make a run.at Cup #3 with this core.</div></div>

Could see Cooper reunite the Hagel-Cirelli-Killorn line when Cirelli gets back. Superline of Stamkos-Point-Kuch. Third line of Vlad-Paul-Colton. 4th line is the old guys. Or Colton-Stamkos(could be Point)-Kuch and Vlad-Paul-Point(could be Stamkos).
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