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Thread: Tank Machine
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>If there are more than eight pieces in a trade, it doesn't happen in the NHL. Not sure why, but can't think of a counterexample yet this century. Don't think there's been a seven piece trade in the last two calendar years? Only one or two with six pieces. Hundreds with two or three.

If you want to take on three cap dumps and get three first picks, you have to call three different teams. Not getting that done with Vancouver. Ever. They need RD. Could offer Ristolainen for Eriksson and a high 1st. Could get a high 2nd for taking a year of Roussel.

Buffalo fans already ask for too many high value pieces for Eichel. Throwing in the 1st overall pick with Eichel and expecting LA to trade another five pieces for that? You ask any team to give up half of its expected future lineup for one piece and they block your number. Whether or not the value is there, this is not how hockey works.

Don't think Seattle will end up short on depth at LHD enough to consider taking Pilut. Lots of good players available there. They might claim Ristolainen at full price if he's exposed, but he won't be.</div></div>

Did ask for too much in the trades, maybe still am.

There are more RHD available in this year's free agent market than LHD. And the Canucks could probably pluck RHD from the Kraken. I'm not saying Cody Ceci is the answer, but as tight to the cap as the Canucks are, what else can $2million get you. What to do with Horvat/Miller and having to re-sign Boeser are issues. I kinda think that Benning/management wants to make the playoffs next year, and want to sign Pettersson and Hughes to long-term deals and not bridge deals. I get thinking that it's best to ride out, or buy-out, the contracts, but that seems to be a great way to miss the playoffs next year. Yes, I'm assuming Benning is thinking differently from the fans.

RE: Canucks, if you can dump the contracts, you can max the cap and have something like


UFA D to push the 3rd pairing

a good backup UFA

That's assuming Seattle takes Holtby without retention. And assuming they sign Pettersson and Hughes to long-term deals (5 to 8 years). Bridging those two only kicks the cap issues down the road. But yes, bridge deals for Pettersson and Hughes, and the cap is probably manageable.

I guess if I was a Canucks fan, I'd try to move Miller and Pearson for picks, lock up Pettersson/Hughes, ride out the bad contracts, and yes, get a couple of young defensemen (basically tank this year, but hope for a quick rebuild and be good for 22/23. I just think Benning will try to build a playoff team this offseason.
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Thread: Tank Machine