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Canes and Yotes are tied for my 2nd favorite teams. I lived in AZ and NC for a bit. Both tremendously fun places.
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Thread: Lindholm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>LaCombe would be the best out of those options, but I just want to make sure were on the same page...Thrun might be the only defensive Dmen out of that group. I'm NOT saying those are bad prospects AT ALL. I'm just saying that getting a Lindholm replacement in the system will allow Drysdale be the player that Drysdale can be. It doesn't have to be Vlasic specifically, just saying that diversity in playing types would help ANA. Ian Mitchell is the same player and Drysdale...except lower ceiling.</div></div>

I definitely understand that. I personally consider LaCombe to be the "worst" out of those 3 (not bad at all, but the other 2 are better). And is Vlasic really that good that he'll definitely be Lindholm's replacement? He is a good prospect and I think he'll be a good NHLer but that would make 4 really good LHD prospects (with Fowler still being under contract for a few years). That would mean that only 2 would get playing time on LD in the foreseeable future. RD looks very weak in comparison. Especially if Manson walks in free agency (I doubt it, but it could happen).

Zellweger is similar to Drysdale but LHD and I don't really expect them to play together all that much. Thrun is one of my favorite prospects and he is very underrated. He is good in his own end but also in the offensive zone (2nd highest PPG among Defensemen in the USHL last year). Yes, no true defensive D-man among those 3, but I think Vlasic would create an imbalance and one of the 4 would have to play on his off side and I personally never like that. It didn't work too well last year with Drysdale on LD.

(I mixed up Vlasic with another prospect before my first comment. I only consider Zellweger and Thrun to be better overall, but they're all relatively similar imo.)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div> How does this relate to Laine. Laine is a one dimensional player. He has a HECK of a snipe. One of the best in the league, but he's lazy, he doesn't play any defense, and he wants a MEGA contract. I think once Laine gets his contract he'll be a very middle of the road type prima donna and that's the last thing the Hawks need. </div></div>

My point was just to say that reading this board during the Jones trade saga, it was nothing but "he's overrated," and see how that trade worked out. Tons of ACGMs built around severely depressing his value. The sentiment with Laine is largely the same. I think every ACGM that is built around the promise that Laine can be got for pennies on the dollar kind of automatically fails. But that's more of a general point, not so pointed to this ACGM. We're in agreement here - you don't want Laine to CHI, and I wouldn't want CBJ to trade him for this package.

I didn't like the Laine trade when it happened; but, Dubois' on-ice hissy fit unfortunately forced the issue and a desperation trade. To his credit, he is a guy who needs a set-up man in the form of a playmaking winger or a good C. I think, to CHI's credit, they have the type of talent that could get more out of him than a rebuilding CBJ club can right now. The entire reason they traded for Voracek was to build up Laine's value.

And, FWIW, I agree with you on your point regarding defense. Then again, a lot of players I think people on this board would foam at the mouth to get are otherwise not very good on D. https://twitter.com/jfreshhockey/status/1371217246387863554?lang=en