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Thread: CAR - EDM
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>I hear what you're saying, but I'd have a different take on it. I agree that Stromes value (to CHI specifically) isn't at it's highest, but it's also cap thing to me. I'd be 100% ecstatic if he signed a reasonable contract next year and He plus Debrincat rocked a heck of a 3rd line. That's a DEEP scoring team. I hope he realizes that both HE and the Hawks are better off with him extending a short term deal to stick around with Debrincat. It's 100% possible he goes to another team and it feels like AZ all over again where he isn't getting put into positions to succeed for the long term. Here in CHI, he's in the position to succeed in the long term. Not just short term money.

I also think CHI believes Ian Mitchell or Beaudin can be that defensive prospects you're talking about. Is that Ekblad his rookie year? No, but they don't need to be either. I like Broberg and agree with what you're saying about EDMs prospects being pretty darn solid. I think Stan believes in his guys too. Don't forget that Regula and Boqvist already have chemistry together.</div></div>

The way I'm looking at the Strome situation is that one of two things has happened: Dach is more reliable than Strome and thus plays center, or Colliton/Bowman are prioritizing Dach's development over Strome's production (hence his move out to wing). Other teams would value his cost-effectiveness just as much as CHI does, so that adds to his value as a trade asset.

I <em>could</em> see Mitchell filling out to a top-pair defenseman more so than Beaudin due to his 5v5 playdriving, but I just don't know if he's consistent enough to be a 1D. There's the obvious concern over his size and reach and how that will/won't translate to the NHL.
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